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EC Pro Audio shares essential tips for PA systems at your wedding

Zak Schweitzer at West Creek Event Center.
Zak Schweitzer at West Creek Event Center.

When it comes to live audio at big events – especially weddings – people often forget the importance of having the right equipment. While your venue may supply a couple of speakers and microphones for you, not all audio equipment is “one-size-fits-all” for your specific wedding needs. Owner of EC Pro Audio (ECPA), Zak Schweitzer, has over 15 years of live sound engineering and events experience and is sharing the things everyone should think about when renting or buying audio equipment for your wedding.


Speeches are a great way for those especially close to you to share their thoughts on your wedding day. Whether it’s your best friend sharing an embarrassing story or your little niece singing her favorite song, making sure you have the right kind of microphones and sound systems is extremely important.

First, you must figure out how many people will be speaking and what kinds of microphones would work best for each, according to Schweitzer. If you’d like your officiant to have a microphone, an over-ear or lapel microphone may be ideal if they are also carrying things, or holding onto their speeches. For speeches made at the reception, it may be best to have a handheld microphone that can be passed around.

Many people have never been taught how to properly use a microphone and this frequently causes distracting audio mishaps during an event. Handheld microphones used for speeches must be in tight proximity to the speaker’s mouth for ideal performance - poor microphone technique results in low volume or conversely, loud feedback. Schweitzer suggests having a quick chat with anyone using a microphone on your wedding day so there is no confusion.

“No two events are the same,” Schweitzer said. “So these are all things an audio professional will be able to assist with and provide guidance to what will be best for your specific scenario.”


Is your wedding more rustic or off-the-grid? Wireless and battery-powered PA systems come in all shapes and sizes including single PA speakers for small weddings, full stereo line array systems for several hundred people, and wireless microphones for the reception. You can confidently and securely have all of your audio needs wherever your dream wedding is.


Aesthetics are arguably the most important things to think about for every wedding, so choosing a good sound system doesn’t mean having to give up your dream wedding look. ECPA offers both black and white sound systems, depending on your visual needs.

“We also never send out bigger systems than are needed, so your sound system will not only look good, it won’t take up as much visual real estate as sound systems of 20 years ago,” Schweitzer said. “Wireless microphones and battery-powered speakers can also be used to cut down on the mess of cables that can accompany large sound systems.”


No matter your route for reception entertainment, having reliable and clear sound systems is a must to ensure everyone has a great experience. According to Schweitzer, the biggest item to consider is what you want to be heard through the sound system.

If your reception is more casual with a jazz trio or string quartet, you may not need a large sound system, but if you’re wanting your guests to bust a move at your reception, you’ll most likely want a sound system to produce thumping bass and quality audio for several hours. Don’t forget the extra microphones, cables, stands, and other items to facilitate the event.


Visit for more info and to download ECPA’s free Wedding Audio Essentials checklist. Leave your audio needs with the experts at ECPA who offer set-up, take-down, delivery, and engineering services to make sure your big day goes as smoothly as possible. 

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