5 Things You Must Tell Your Wedding Guests

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The basics are easy: who, what, where, when, and WHY. But don’t forget to make sure your guests are prepared to celebrate with you by making sure all their questions are answered.

1. Dress Code

“Come as you are” really doesn’t give people an idea of what they should wear to your wedding. Indicate on your invitation or wedding website whether attendants should glam up to “formal,” if “semi-formal” will cut it, or if they can dress up their denim with a pair of nice shoes and call it good. Like for real, can they just throw on their dress Carhartts?

2. RSVP Deadline

Let your guests know when they need to let YOU know if they can make it. Put it in bold letters. Embellish it with gold foil. That’s the piece of information they’ll check whenever they remember up until the day comes they realize they might not have enough time to mail it to you!

3. Plus Ones

Do your guests get one? Don’t leave them guessing. Make sure to include a space for a plus one on your wedding invitations, if they are permitted.

4. Wedding Registry

This isn’t one for your invitations, but if you’ve got a wedding website, do include a link to where you are registered. Asking for money instead of gifts is NOT tacky, especially if you are planning on moving or honeymooning. Your wedding website is a great place to include this kind of information – or if you’d rather not receive gifts at all.

5. Contact Information

Whether you’re fielding questions about your big day yourself or if a family member has volunteered to direct traffic, make sure to provide guests with a way to get in touch for clarifications or questions.

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