Lush, Lavish, Lovely: UW-Stout alumnus florist provides more than flowers

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Whether you measure Jennifer Joyce Rentmeester’s experience by the number of years she’s been in the floral industry (22), the number of years she’s run her own floral studio (11), the number of four-page spreads she’s been featured in in Wisconsin Bride Magazine (two), or the number of years she has worked in the wedding venue business (seven), Jennifer Joyce Design really stacks up.

"It's all those tiny details that shine through and make things more personal for the couple and the people who are part of their wedding." – JENNIFER JOYCE

“What you’re able to offer your clients can be way more than this flower or that flower,” Jennifer said. “I’m able to give my clients a lot of knowledge and help in areas that are outside of floral design.”

She provides floral design, ensuring that each bloom and ribbon coordinates perfectly. She offers a rental inventory of decorations, vases, plates, serving dishes, tables and chairs, mirrors, and more. Jennifer also connects clients with the best vendors in the region, drawing upon the extensive list of contacts she has built during her years of wedding planning.

Above all, Jennifer loves taking a truly artistic approach to her arrangements. She works with each bride as closely or independently as the bride desires, bringing together a unique look for every special day.

“I feel really fortunate that over the last few years I’ve had a few brides who have said ‘I want you to do what they do,’ ” Jennifer said. This freedom allows her to do her very best work, dedicating every ounce of her creative energy to the process. She incorporates the interests of each couple into her work, perhaps adding a hops vine to represent a groom’s love of brewing, or a bride’s precious heirloom brooch.

“It’s all those tiny details that shine through and make things more personal for the couple and the people who are part of their wedding,” she said.

Jennifer’s work is careful and conscious. She sources many of her blossoms from regional farms, and avoids the use of floral foam to create her arrangements. Long-lasting items like jewelry, paper, and dried flowers often make appearances in her work, allowing brides to keep parts of their wedding as keepsakes.

The floral studio itself is a work of art, located in a historic downtown Menomonie building (110 Main St.), where light streams in through large multi-paned windows. Jennifer has decorated the location in subtle hues, with a comfortable sitting area, a stage for brides-to-be to open gifts, and her own flowers. She rents the space for bridal showers, baby showers, and all sorts of intimate get-togethers. Some parties include wreath or bouquet-making sessions with Jennifer’s beautiful inventory.

Jennifer must have listed a dozen favorite parts of her work, starting with working with plants. She can hardly stick to a budget when she explores the nearby flower markets. She loves to meet new vendors, other florists, photographers, and the people who work together to bring an event together. She loves traveling for work, and doing something different every day. But most of all she loves giving a woman her bridal bouquet and seeing the look on their face when they hold it.

“You work with this person for sometimes over a year, and to finally give them their bouquet, that’s always the most fun for me,” she said.

For more information about Jennifer Joyce Design, find her on Facebook @JenniferJoyceDesign or online at

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