Wedding photographers: 5 ways to find them

Alex Olson

Are you trying to find a photographer for your wedding, but slowly losing your mind? I’m here to take away some of your angst with five helpful tips.

  1. Talk to people! Seriously, get off your couch, brush the Cheeto dust off your shirt, and ask for recommendations. Odds are if two people recommend the same photographer they are probably a better bet than Gary's Plumbing & Wedding Photography listed on Craigslist.

  2. Meet up with the prospective photographer. Give them a call and set up a time to meet in person. Your goal during this meeting, besides asking the obvious questions, is to determine if said photographer is an absolute jerk or someone you could see yourself going to Valley Fair with. Whatever you do, be positive about your decision as they really will be following you around most of the day like a lost puppy. I'd rather have a friendly lost puppy than one with an attitude.

  3. Get an idea of the complete picture. Photographers chucking great wedding photos one after another at you is all good and fun, but ask to see a complete set of images from a single wedding. It’s easy enough to snap a few worthwhile pictures per wedding and compile a montage, but it’s a different story to impress with images from one client’s wedding. Not only will this increase your confidence in the particular photographer’s skills, it will also give you an idea of the over-all look and feel of their style, and if this fits your needs.

  4. Ask specific questions! Before you sit down with any prospects, write down a list including everything you aren’t sure about. Some common questions circle around the pricing, time frame, as well as how family members can order prints post-wedding. The last thing you want is a bunch of irate grandmothers who are having a tough time figuring out how to order pictures. We all know how difficult a VCR can be, so make sure the photographer has a simple ordering system nailed down. 

  5. Don’t micro-manage everything. You’ve got enough to worry about while figuring out your wedding already, so let your friends help you out. Let your guests take candid pics with their own camera while your photographer is running around and you could be pleasantly surprised. The photo-dude can’t be everywhere at once, so artistic guests can fill in those blank spaces and reveal some otherwise forgotten moments. You could be sent some stunning photos from friends, or you could receive a couple gigs of blurry garbage. It’s really a toss up. ï»¿


Now that you’ve had a chance to re-orrient yourself in your eternal photographer search, check out these local photographers (40 of them!) listed on our Weddings and Occasions guide

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