Autumn Wedding Ideas

Allison Schrader

Here comes the autumn!
Here comes the autumn!

Don’t want to sweat in the heat of the summer on your special day? Wisconsin is a great location for an autumn wedding – the leaves are turning, the air is cool and comfortable, and (most) of the summertime bugs have all but gone. Here are some quick autumn wedding tips compiled from and

The Colors

It’s a no-brainer that with the fall season comes warm, fall colors: yellows, oranges, browns, peaches, and coppers. These are all appropriate color choices for an autumn wedding, but don’t be afraid to mix in some metallic or jewel tones to spice things up a little. Mixing neutrals with bright pops of color can also add a lot of interest. (Hint: a splash of color on the wedding dress is so in right now).

The Party Favors

No one likes leaving a party empty-handed, so send your guests off with something fun to take home. An autumn wedding grants some creativity with party favor options, so go ahead - get a little crazy. Some ideas range from leaf-shaped soaps engraved with the bride and groom’s names to candles scented with classic fall aromas or that match the wedding colors. Edible party favors that reflect the autumn season, like miniature maple syrup bottles, decorated caramel apples, and individual apple tarts or pies, are always a good idea.  

The Décor

Unlike summer weddings full of bright, blossoming flowers, pinks, fuchsias, and teals, autumn weddings call for a much different decorative statement. To really “fall” in line with an autumn theme, add some of these ideas to the decoration list: textured fabric like velvet, linen, or quilted silk; metallic details; chandeliers; indoor seasonal foliage as centerpieces; and various mood lighting to correspond with the time of day. 

The Menu

Fall flavor is all about the spices and seasonal produce. If you want your guests to enjoy a traditional, autumn meal at your wedding, there are a few simple menu items to include on your list. Harvest vegetables such as pumpkins and squash are staple ingredients for an autumn wedding - how you incorporate them is up to you. Soup is an acceptable autumn alternative to the typical salad starter of the meal. Chicken, salmon, and red meat are all classic entrée options, but something like turkey or a chicken pot pie filled with fall veggies are more seasonal choices for the main meal. As for dessert, chocolate cake is the most popular choice for fall weddings, but you may want to consider carrot cake or cheesecake as an alternative. Treats like apple tarts, pumpkin or apple pie a la mode, or caramel-coated lady apples on cinnamon sticks will surely keep the autumn spirit alive. 

The Location

Where you choose to be married is a very personal decision that will probably take some research. Fall weddings here usually provide ideal weather for outdoor ceremonies, but it’s important to have a backup plan in the event of rain, cold weather, or even snow. (Remember, this is Wisconsin). Check out our listings page of wedding reception locations in the Eau Claire area to find that perfect party spot for your big day.

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