Chalk and Awe: Chalkfest Back In-Person This July

hosted by UWEC and created by Volume One, for 15 years Chalkfest has combined family fun, chalk, and art

Carlee Shimek, photos by Andrea Paulseth

CHALKY MAGIC. Chalkfest is back in person this year for the first time since 2019.
CHALKY MAGIC. Chalkfest is back in person this year for the first time since 2019.

Prepare yourselves for UW-Eau Claire’s sidewalks to become a kaleidoscope of beauty created with nothing but chalk and imagination. Chalkfest, hosted by UW-Eau Claire and Volume One, is back in person on Saturday, July 23. The previous two years it has been held virtually, but now the community can come together again to appreciate art and chalk as one. 

“It’s cool to see the different artists and talk to (them) while they’re working. And chalk art is such an interesting form of art because it goes away,” said Nicole Rindone, major events and conferences manager at UWEC. “Art’s a huge piece of the Eau Claire community and we want to continue to be able to provide that for people."

Along with an opportunity to view many different chalk creations, Chalkfest will have food trucks, games, live music, and a kids chalk art area for those under 12. Professional judging will take place, but community attendees can vote on their favorite pieces as well.

Artists can begin drawing at 7am, and the event opens to the public at 11am. Registration begins June 1, and anyone 12 and up can participate. Folks can register solo or as a group. A sidewalk square for chalk drawing is $20. If you want chalk provided, it costs $35. Gloves, a sponge, and a cooling towel are provided free of charge. The event is free for attendees.

212 squares are available this year, so don’t hesitate to book one because in 2019, the last in-person Chalkfest, more than 200 squares were purchased. Don’t miss out on a chance to see beautiful art by locals, and make sure to send good vibes for it not to rain on the day of Chalkfest.

To learn more about Chalkfest and how to register as an artist, visit or