FOOD ON THE FRY: Fry Bread Factory Serves Family’s Specialty

new E.C. food truck offers doughy deliciousness

Carlee Shimek, photos by Andrea Paulseth

FAMILY OF FRYERS. Kristine Martin runs Fry Bread Factory with sons William (right) and Dakotah (left).

Something hot, crispy, and delicious is what you’ll find when you check out the new food truck in Eau Claire, the Fry Bread Factory. Brand new and family-owned, Fry Bread Factory is the place every foodie should try. Kristine Martin and her three children are the proud workers behind this food truck, bringing fresh fry bread to the Chippewa Valley. 

Martin’s family recipe will fire up your tastebuds. Fry bread is a flat dough bread that’s fried in oil and can be paired with an assortment of sweet toppings, including cinnamon, powdered sugar, honey butter, peanut butter, and more. 

“There’s nothing better than seeing people enjoy their food. It’s just a great feeling. We just want to keep getting better, and I guess the special thing about it is it’s just from the heart,” Martin said.

These are their famous
These are their famous "Pow Wow Fries."

Along with the sweet factor, Fry Bread Factory uses fry bread to make Indian tacos, a taco using fry bread for the shell, and blanket dogs, which are hot dogs wrapped in fry bread dough and deep-fried. The food truck’s menu also includes walking tacos, loaded nachos, and powwow fries, which are Martin’s son’s own invention using regular fries but with a super-secret blend of spices and nacho cheese sauce.

Martin said this food truck has been a dream of hers for years. She and her family started out by serving their food at local powwows with friends and family, and now she wants to share it with the public.

“My kids, this is something I can leave to them and my grandkids and I feel really good about that,” Martin said. “They just love it. And we spend time together and that’s the big thing for me.”

Keep an eye out for the Fry Bread Factory by checking their Facebook page, where they post when and where they will be a couple of days in advance. The Martin family is working to bring a little diverse deliciousness to the Chippewa Valley. “We just hope to make people happy with our food,” Martin said.

To learn more about Fry Bread Factory and where they stop to serve their food, visit their Facebook page.