New School Year Checklist: Notebooks, New Shoes, Financial Ed 101

savings can start early with CCFBank

Karen Wilder, VP of Regional Consumer Banking
Karen Wilder, left, Vice President of Regional Consumer Banking.

Getting ready to send your kids back to school in the fall can involve a lot of things: Buying school supplies. Shopping for new clothes. Memorizing locker combinations.

It can also include making sure the kiddos in your life are financially ready for the future, too.

Whether kids are headed to kindergarten or college, it’s important to foster good financial skills early. Karen Wilder, Vice President of Regional Consumer Banking at CCFBank in Altoona, is a firm believer in that fact. At CCFBank, kids of any age can open a savings account with no minimum balance: “You can start the littlest one with cents,” she said. “They break open their piggy bank and put money in the account. Visiting a branch with them so they can witness their money whirling up the drive-

thru tube can really get them excited to save!”

Wilder offered the following tips to grown-ups about how they can help kids on a path to financial success.


If you’ve recently had a baby or have small children open a savings account for them right away; CCFBank’s Beyond Save Account is a wonderful option. “It offers a higher interest rate for the youth and encourages early and frequent saving habits,” she said.


As with everything else, parents are kids earliest and most important teachers when it comes to personal finance. “I encourage parents to set an example for their kids by saving on their own as well,” Wilder said. The Beyond Save Account offers:

  • Tiered interest earnings
  • Online and mobile banking
  • No monthly balance requirement
  • No monthly service charge
  • A plethora of additional benefits!

If kids see their parents modeling smart saving habits, they will be encouraged to do the same.


Let’s face it, budgeting and managing expenses is a life skill we must all learn. So start teaching your kiddos about wise spending habits early – a great age to start is between 14 and 18 years old.

At CCFBank, they can open a checking account so long as they provide proper identification. Plus, the parent/guardian will also be listed on the account until your kiddo turns 18, allowing you the oversight and access you need to help steward them to financial success.

With a Beyond Spend account, they can have a debit card, allowing them to get accustomed to making purchases and tracking spending.

CCFBank’s Beyond Spend Account gives parents the option to allow kids access to online banking, and set spending limit controls. Because it is specifically designed for young customers, it won’t allow them to overdraw their accounts, giving parents peace of mind.

BONUS TIP: The Beyond Spend debit card also earns points like a credit card, meaning young people learn how everyday purchases can turn into rewards.


At 18, young adults start out with no credit rating. Wilder said, “it’s not that they have bad credit, they just don’t have any credit established.” A solid place to start is with a CCFBank College Rewards Credit Card – young adults can begin establishing credit and earn rewards at the same time! Through making purchases and paying off their balances, they can build their credit ratings, and even monitor their credit score for free within the CCFBank Mobile App.

Why CCFBank?

As leaders in an industry so interwoven into people’s lives, we connect with people in the midst of their passions and pursuits. CCFBank’s strong history and roots in the Chippewa Valley date back to 1938.

As a community bank, we deeply care for the communities where we work and live. Wilder shared, “I’m proud of our team and how freely we all give of our time and talents, because when our communities thrive, so do we.”

Bottom line, we care about our communities, colleagues and customers. So stop into a branch – we’d love to pour you a cup of coffee and help you pursue your financial goals! To find a branch near you visit


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