When to Travel

cutting costs by simply scheduling

• Much of travel goes by supply and demand, so summer, spring break, and Christmas are peak times, and fall is usually the least expensive for resorts, airfare, and cruises. But a lot depends on where (Europe versus Mexico versus Alaska, for instance).

• Just as you’d suspect, workdays are in far less demand, thus can be cheaper for resorts and airfare. But you may be sacrificing selection, since most go for a week from Saturday to Saturday.

• Depending on where you’re going, you might not miss a lot in a locale’s “off season.” Some may cut back programming, while others may limit overhead by closing certain wings of a complex or chains only have one hotel open instead of four. Others still merely experience milder weather.

• If you want to cut back, the easiest option is planning a five- or six-day trip instead of seven.

Higgings Travel Leaders, Eau Claire