What to Pack for Wi and Mn

don't forget these Northwoods necessities

• Bug spray – mosquitoes and ticks are brutal

• Everything from boots and a sweatshirt to flip flops and shorts – weather is unpredictable

• A jacket that is wind/rain/sleet/snow resistant and has lining to warm you at night

• Sunscreen – even in winter.

• Old-school paper maps – you can’t rely on GPS, iPhones, or even Google maps when signals can be lost and territory digitally unchartered

• Whether you think you’ll need it or not, a swimming suit, cooler, and maybe even a fishing rod and tackle box – there’s a ton of water in these two states

• Extra money for firewood – the emerald ash borer is ruining our precious parks, so buy firewood where you’re staying, don’t bring any wood along

• Beef jerky and cheese curds – in case you need to barter with the locals, otherwise just in case of snack attack emergencies