What the Duck is Duckpin Bowling?

test out duckpin bowling for your next group event or party at Reboot Social

If you’ve been inside Reboot Social since its opening, you’re likely aware that they are one of the only places in the area that has duckpin bowling. You might have thought it was just regular bowling but smaller – however, that is truly not the case.

The history of duckpin bowling is a little hazy because it didn’t become an organized sport until 1927 when the National Duckpin Bowling Congress (NDBC) was founded, even though people have likely been playing the sport since around 1894.

Duckpin bowling has different rules, history, and pins than regular bowling, even though they look similar are first glance. The most obvious difference between the two is the size of the ball and pins. The balls are about five inches in diameter with no finger holes and the bowling pins are shorter and thinner than regular bowling.

The games themselves are also very different from regular bowling. You get the same 10 frames, but you get three balls per frame. The scoring is also different: If a bowler knocks down all 10 pins with their first roll in a frame, it is scored as a strike; if all the pins are knocked down in two rolls, the bowler has made a spare; and if all the pins are knocked down in three rolls, it is scored as a 10, with no score bonus.

One of the owners of Reboot Social, Ian Prock, said they wanted to bring duckpin bowling to Reboot Social because of its rising popularity and the lack of places to play the game in the Chippewa Valley (again, duckpin bowling, not mini-bowling).

“Some customers are hesitant to play right away because they don’t understand it,” Prock said. “But once they step up and throw a few balls and understand the game, everyone really seems to enjoy it.”
A game of duckpin bowling at Reboot is $6 a person and usually lasts about 45 minutes. If you’re interested in reserving lanes, you can do so on the Reboot Social website. Their new banquet room also opened recently and can hold a party of 50 people and arcade enthusiasts.

In the near future, there will be some daily bowling specials, according to Prock. Reboot will also start hosting duckpin bowling leagues for those who simply can’t get enough. There will be more info on the leagues on Reboot’s Instagram and Facebook.

Reboot Social will also be offering comedy open mic nights and dance parties, including a recent New Year’s Eve party. Watch out for more information on Instagram and Facebook.



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Reboot Social’s newly renovated banquet room.
Reboot Social’s newly renovated banquet room.