What’s the Best Game Store? Here’s What Readers Say

voters picked these spots in our Best of the Chippewa Valley poll

James Johonnott

ADVENTURE AWAITS. A table-top role playing game (PHOTOGAPHER | CC By)
ADVENTURE AWAITS. A table-top role playing game (Celeste Lindell | CC BY 2.0)

Are you ready to roll? As tabletop gaming and RPGs push further and further into the mainstream, it’s a great idea to make friends with a friendly local game store whether you’re buying for yourself or a friend. Games by James (in Oakwood Mall) was voted No. 1 for Best Game Store in Volume One’s 2022 Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll. Stacked floor to ceiling in classic games, RPG accessories, modern board games, and tons of dice, Games by James is well known for its knowledgable and helpful staff. Coming in second place is the Imagination Station (also inside Oakwood Mall), which is certainly the best spot to pick up a new children’s game. In third place is  D20 Gaming (2158 EastRidge Center), a newly expanded gaming paradise that sells miniature wargaming, RPG books and accessories, and hosts tournaments for Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, and more.

Note: These results were collected in our 2022 poll. Readers’ responses to our latest poll will be published Feb. 9, so stay tuned!