Local Show Choir Spreads Joy Straight from the Heart

Hearts in Harmony Show Choir helps those with special needs express themselves through song and dance

Kelly Carlson, photos by McKenna Scherer

PUTTING THEIR HEARTS INTO IT. Hearts in Harmony Show Choir is back in action, preparing for their fall show on Nov. 18.
PUTTING THEIR HEARTS INTO IT. Hearts in Harmony Show Choir is back in action, preparing for their fall show on Nov. 18.

They can sing, they can dance, they can bring a smile to your face – these folks really do it all. Hearts in Harmony Show Choir is a fun, electric group of individuals with disabilities who love to dance and showcase their talents. Along the way, not only does their musical talent grow, but so does their compassion, joy, and sense of community. 

“We are able to host a number of diverse groups through our program and create a place where these members can grow in every aspect of life,” said Becca Adams, the director of Hearts in Harmony. The group consists of participants ages 15-27 who undergo a registration or audition process before meeting the group. They are always on the lookout for more talented, excited individuals, and volunteers aged 15 and up who can dance alongside the group. 

"This group has created a strong community of inclusion, joy, and dance for everyone to be a part of,” Adams explained. “Each student is passionate to showcase their dancing and growth, while parents are able to connect and create a community of their own.” 

The show choir meets once a week for an hour, and at the end of 10 weeks they perform what they’ve learned (typically three to five songs). Hearts in Harmony is the featured entertainment for a local non-profit helping to raise awareness for adults with disabilities called REACH for the Stars, hosted by the Lismore. Catch them perform and support the cause this fall on Nov. 18.

“(Hearts in Harmony’s core values emphasize) dancing together, building friendships, (and) creating joy,” said Ned Lenhart, president of the group’s board. The show choir provides an intimate setting for young people with disabilities to form valuable connections with other people who share their same interests. Their joy radiates on beyond the performances with their hearts singing together in perfect harmony.

Learn more about Hearts in Harmony Show Choir and how to register to participate or volunteer at facebook.com/hihshowchoir or email them at hihshowchoir@gmail.com