Chippewa Valley Coffee Trivia: 10 questions sure to roast your memory

Tom Giffey

Whether they’re craving a morning pick-me-up, making a casual date, or savoring an exotic espresso creation, coffee lovers cherish their favorite hang-outs. By our count, there are at least 54 cafes and coffeehouses in the Chippewa Valley, ranging from well-known national franchises to mom-and-pop java specialists. So grab a mug and engage your bean, because here come some questions on a true Chippewa Valley coffee lover can answer. (Scroll down for the answer key.)

1. Which longtime Eau Claire coffee shop is shares a location with – but faces a different street than – a breakfast and lunch bistro?


2. Which worldwide coffee chain has the most locations in the Chippewa Valley?


3. What well-known Eau Claire cafe first opened in London Square Mall in 1991 at the beginning of the modern American coffee craze?


4. What recently opened Eau Claire coffee shop serves Minnesota-made Bridgeman’s Ice Cream?


5. What recently opened ice cream shop serves Milwaukee-roasted Colectivo Coffee?


6. Eau Claire Downtown Coffee – also known as ECDC – offers a flat white on its menu. Where was the flat white invented? (Hint: It’s the same country where you’ll find Lismore.


7. Which of the following kinds of businesses is NOT also home to a coffee shop in the Chippewa Valley:

A. a pinball arcade
B. a bicycle shop
C. a knitting supply business 
D. a sporting goods store
E. a bookstore


8. What national chain famous for its coffee and pastries, which has two Chippewa Valley locations, officially changed its name in January 2019?


9. Legend has it that this animal, whose name is shared by a local coffee shop, discovered the stimulating effect of coffee in Ethiopia more than 1,000 years ago.


10. Which Menomonie business offers customers the chance to sip coffee (or beer) while enjoying the company of adoptable felines.

1. Racy’s a.k.a. Racy D’lene’s Coffee Lounge. Racy’s address is Riverside Avenue, while the Nucleus faces Water Street  

2. Caribou – there are seven, versus three Starbucks locations  

3. Coffee Grounds. It is currently at 4212 Southtowne Drive  

4. The Danc’n Bean  

5. Olson’s Ice Cream  

6. Australia  

7. Answer: C. (There is no knitting supply-slash-coffee house – at least that we know of!)  

8. Dunkin’ dropped the word “Donuts” from its name  

9. The Goat  

10. Tabby’s Catfe