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cannabis proponent says restrictive laws hurt economy and keep remedies from those who need them

Lisa Harris Gore

Lisa Harris Gore, proprietor of the new xxxxx as well as xxxx, both in Eau Claire.
Lisa Harris Gore, right, is proprietor of the new Infinite Green Dispensary as well as Eau Claire Herbal Shop, both in Eau Claire.

Education is key to any important topic. Within this article we want to address the hot topic of freeing the plants. Amidst the daily chants of “please legalize!” resonating in our shops, a unified voice emerges – from professionals to service industry workers, public servants, and beyond. This collective plea for cannabis acceptance spans ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. The perplexity lies in why this crucial health matter is entangled in politics, when both sides should be embracing it from a bipartisan standpoint. The consequences are staggering: Billions of dollars are seeping out of our state to support the flourishing marijuana/cannabis industries in Michigan and Illinois, as well as the future of nearby dispensaries in Minnesota next year. The question must be asked, “For how many decades have we implored our representatives to heed the call of more than half of our state’s population in favor of full legalization?” It would seem appropriate to say, “Too many,” indeed.

I’m Lisa Harris Gore, and I’m writing this to foster open discussions about the health crisis in our great state. Engaging with our leaders, especially those more “fiscally” focused, reveals a missed understanding of the significance of responsible yet proactive and current cannabis legislation. The emphasis should not be on the most “constricting” regulations but the most “valuable” ones, considering all essential variables in legislating access to safe, natural products for sustainable health.

My veteran dad, initially anti-drug, battled a severe, terminal illness: stomach cancer. Despite a six-month diagnosis, he defied the odds and lived 18 years, combining his will, Western medicine, and some plant medicine. Over two decades ago, veteran policies evolved, allowing the use of cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBN, and even some THC for those not prescribed potent pain medication. I wish my dad had these options. Prohibited from using THC as a veteran 23 years ago, he endured great nausea and excruciating phantom pain with no relief in sight. With little knowledge, he was offered only highly addictive opioids until desperation led him to consider cannabis. As a law-abiding man of integrity, it wasn’t an easy decision, but the relief it provided surpassed any dangerous prescriptions. He inspired my journey, now aimed at aiding people facing health crises and unmanageable issues due to our unsustainable health system.

At the Eau Claire Herbal Shop and the Infinite Green Dispensary, frustrations with current Western medical practices are voiced daily.

Currently pursuing a doctorate, I stand alongside dedicated individuals committed to enlightening others about the crucial role of plant medicine. Did you know that nearly 90% of medications prior to the 1930s contained some form of cannabis sativa (hemp) as a primary ingredient? This was discovered on a global scale. Humanity used plants and they worked!  Museums’ medicine bottles depict this truth, raising the question: What changed? Pharmaceutical medicine intervened; our original medicines underwent molecular alterations for patenting. Once chemically transformed, organizations patented, changed names, and created pharmaceuticals with limited research, urging us to distance ourselves from plant medicine. We're advised to eradicate “weeds” that were once vital components of our original medicines promoting healing.

At the Eau Claire Herbal Shop and the Infinite Green Dispensary, frustrations with current Western medical practices are voiced daily. People seek healing, not Band-Aids; they crave informed decisions on how to let their bodies naturally heal. We tirelessly educate on activating the endogenous cannabinoid system for natural healing, offering guidance on gentle detoxification through tinctures and herbal teas to eliminate daily toxic build-up from unnatural foods, contaminated water, and air.

With two locations emphasizing education, plant remedies, and natural wellness, we invite you to explore and learn more. The question arises: Why did we establish the newly opened Infinite Green Hemp Dispensary? Growing demand from our clientele led us to open a separate location focused on hemp/cannabis education. We aim to provide honest discussions and high-quality, third-party tested products, keeping the hemp/cannabis industry thriving in our state and retaining tax dollars locally.

Our mission is clear: to help communities, friends, and families reclaim their health by understanding the potent role of plants in achieving better balance. Stop in to see how we can help you or your family, too.

Visit Lisa Harris Gore and her team at either the Eau Claire Herbal Shop, 2420 London Road (which has consistently ranked among the top CBD stores in the region in the Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll), or Infinite Green Hemp Dispensary, 2313 E. Clairmont Ave., both in Eau Claire. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more insights into natural wellness.