Cannabis and Hemp in a Nutshell: Advice from E.C. Herbal Shop’s Lisa Harris Gore

though the history of cannabis/hemp and its health benefits are vast – far more than can truly fit in a ‘nutshell’ – so let’s chat the basics

Lisa Harris Gore

LET'S TALK BASICS. The history of cannabis and hemp and its many positive benefits could never truly fit in a nutshell, but let's talk basics.
LET'S TALK BASICS. The history of cannabis and hemp and its many positive benefits could never truly fit in a nutshell, but Lisa Harris Gore – owner of Eau Claire Herbal Shop, founder of Holy Hemp and an organic hemp farm –  offers insight from her years of experience with hemp.

Diagnosed with terminal cancer and given six months to live, my dad combined an amazing attitude, western medicine, and natural plant medicine which resulted in him living an additional 18 years. In the last 22 years, I have committed my life to helping others learn the truth about our original medicines. With a background in education and wellness, I am excited to share with you just a small taste of what we know.

Every day I get to share my mission to educate the masses on the history of cannabis/hemp, what CBD (cannabidiol) is, the other 144 known cannabinoids or vitamins in the plant, how it works, and how you and your loved ones – including pets – should use it. When I do this work, my dad gets to live on through the servitude and love I get to share with each person that visits us at the Eau Claire Herbal Shop. 

What happened to our plant medicine and why is it not something that we were taught as part of necessary nutrition? Dating back literally thousands of years, hemp/cannabis was not only a part of making materials but was also a food source and, most importantly, medicine for both people and animals. It wasn’t until the 1930s-1960s that there was a prohibition on hemp/cannabis. With taxation and laws against natural medicines, it became a priority for politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and businesses to invest in chemically created medicines instead. Today, many are hoping to educate people on natural medicines so they can make better-informed decisions about the options available for their health.

CBD is powerful, but not a cure. It is a tool for the body to cure itself.

There was a scientific discovery in the 1980s of a system in our bodies that regulates all bodily systems called the endogenous cannabinoid system. It is fed plant nutrients like echinacea, black pepper, hops, and most effectively, cannabis/hemp. When fed, it allows for natural healing and homeostasis.

Unfortunately, there are terms in the hemp space that are misunderstood. Cannabis is an umbrella term; it is BOTH hemp and marijuana. The only difference between hemp and marijuana is the percentage of Delta-9 THC, which is .3% or less for hemp, and anything above that arbitrary number is considered marijuana. For those that want to honor plant medicine, the worst term you can use about cannabis/hemp/CBD is "drugs."

The closer we get to honoring our original plant medicine, the more likelihood we have of ending the prohibition on cannabis which has helped millions of people’s health ailments from inflammation to cancer, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, and pain management. Whether it be recreational use or medicinal use, we are feeding the endogenous cannabinoid system and our bodies love that!

So, what is CBD anyway? It is only one of the 144 known cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The full name is cannabidiol and the U.S. Government actually has a patent on cannabinoids as neuro-protectants that can help our brain health. CBD is powerful, but not a cure. It is a tool for the body to cure itself.

I encourage seeking proper serving size instructions based on your own needs when utilizing hemp products. Other professionals in the industry suggest starting out with micro amounts, but if you are healthy, it's been found that approximately 50 mg daily can be necessary, and if you have severe ailments, I invite you come to visit Eau Claire Herbal Shop should you have questions or need assistance. There is no “one size fits all," but we have been doing this long enough that we have protocols based on scientific research and medical doctors in the industry.

Oftentimes, people fail at utilizing CBD/hemp or plant medicine for several reasons; they are not using the right amount, the right kind/strain, and not being consistent. We can help you with each of those issues, and more.

Chat more with Lisa Harris Gore, MBA, owner of Eau Claire Herbal Shop (2420 London Road, Eau Claire), by visiting the shop or reaching out. Gore is also the founder of Holy Hemp Company and an organic local hemp farm.