Hear It From the People

we talked to some real CBD users about why they use it

Tori Johnson


Age: 40s
Occupation: Office manager, “Office Cora” on WAXX 104.5

“I started using CBD products a couple of months ago. The effects have been outstanding. It has helped immensely with inflammation and joint pain. I recently moved to a new house, and as everybody knows, that puts a lot of stress on the body. My muscles were sore and achey. After taking a soak with a CBD bath bomb and applying the CBD lotion, my muscles felt much better. I’ve also been using a daily dose of the CBD tincture. ... I know that there was a stigma around CBD products because of their association with cannabis, but I’m happy that this stigma is starting to lift and that these products are becoming more available for us to use. I bought some CBD products online and had no results. I was skeptical to try Sunny Skies, but gave their products a shot. These are the products that actually provided relief. These are the products that worked for me and are locally produced and you know you are getting what you are paying for.”

Jordan Munson

Age: 22
Occupation: Web-store fulfillment

“CBD use isn’t a constant for me, but it something I do frequently to help with specific things. For extreme sports-related pains (i.e. rock climbing, backpacking, mountain biking) I use a 900mg CBD Pain Cream, usually in specified areas like the shoulders, neck, back, and feet. I’ve had a very pleasant experience using CBD pain cream, and notice a significant level of relaxation in the muscles after using it. On occasion I will also use a small CBD vaporizer with a 350mg cartridge of full spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil to ease anxiety and help with sleeplessness. I have found this doesn’t work as strongly as the direct topical pain cream, but works for what I use it for. I have yet to have a negative experience with CBD. Note: all of the CBD products I use have absolutely 0.00% THC in them.”

Shawn C. Schemenauer

Age: 38
Occupation: Production/brewing assistant

“I have been using CBD for the past 2-3 years. I’ve only recently (in the past 3-4 months) been using Sunny Skies CBD. I trust Sunny Skies more because it’s locally grown AND processed. Before I wasn’t really sure what I was getting. It helps keep me calm throughout the day when situations can get a little hectic. Right now I only use the Full Spectrum at 1,500mg. I feel the Full Spectrum has more benefits and better results for me. Before I started using CBD I was anxious a lot about stupid little things that come up in day-to-day life. This helps take the edge off of worrying so much. I can’t say it will work for everyone, but I will say if anyone out there is thinking about trying CBD, they have nothing to lose!”

Lisa Harris Gore 

Age: 43
Occupation: Owner of Holy Hemp Company

“CBD has changed my health and my family’s health in a number of ways including: no longer needing ADHD meds for my son, no more pain medications due to inflammation issues and we all sleep better then we ever have! CBD and other cannabinoids have helped us in ways we never expected, so much so that we began growing legal hemp right here in Eau Claire and have begun helping countless others with their health also. We use CBD oil, the capsules, a concentrated paste, a topical salve, a safe and effective CBD vape, and the flower of the plant daily. CBD works and is something everyone needs to help the body heal itself. CBD is the tool to help the body become more balanced and healthy!” 

Clayton Yeazle 

Age: 25
Occupation: Bartender 

“Having dealt with back pain since 2016, I was desperate for relief when the issue came to a crippling peak in early 2018. Priceland Hemp in Black River Falls was the first hemp shop in Wisconsin at that time so for 45 minutes I dealt with the extreme pain that car rides gave me to hopefully find some relief. I bought a 1 gram CBD joint, smoked it, and headed back to Eau Claire. To my surprise, I had no discomfort to speak of throughout the ride. Ever since that day I have continued to use CBD flower, ingestible oils, and topical salves because I found that they are the best natural herbal alternatives in many aspects whether it was relieving anxieties, pain, or even helping me fall and stay asleep. With so few side effects and seemingly so many benefits, I recommend anyone that suffers from frequent pains, anxieties, or troubles with sleep to give CBD an honest try and see what relief you may find.”