Bike + Bus = Best

Take the bus with your bike!

Lauren Fisher

The Eau Claire Transit System runs a fleet of 22 buses throughout residential, medical, and retail areas in the city – and all of them are equipped with bicycle racks that hold up to two cycles. For community members moving about town for work, errands, or recreation, this opens up a world of opportunity, says Eau Claire City Transit Manager Tom Wagener.

The process of securing a bicycle to the rack is straightforward:

  1. When the bus has stopped, approach from the curb and signal to the driver that you are putting a bike on the rack.
  2. Pull the rack down, and place the bike in one of the slots in the frame.
  3. Pull the support arm up and put it against the top of the front tire to secure the bicycle; make sure the arm is making contact with the tire, and not the frame or fender.
  4. Pay your fare as you enter the bus. When you have reached your destination, remind the driver that you need to collect your bicycle. Wagener notes that sometimes people do forget to grab their bike when exiting!

If you are unfamiliar with the process for loading a bicycle, you can ask for help from the driver. If you would like to learn ahead of time, you can view an instructional video on the city website ( or schedule an appointment to learn at the Central Maintenance Facility by calling (715) 839-5111.