Catching the Color

how to maximize the beauty of our area’s trees

Kristin Frosch

For Couples/Families


Eau Claire:
Highway 12 East of Eau Claire to Augusta
Highway 93 South of Eau Claire to LaCrosse
Highway 37 Southwest of Eau Claire to Mondovi
Highway 85 Southwest of Eau Claire to Durand

Chippewa Falls:
Highway 178 North of Chippewa Falls to Cornell

Highway 29 East of Menomonie to Chippewa Falls
Highway 25 South of Menomonie to Durand

For the Outdoor Enthusiast(s)

WALKing/hiking trails

Chippewa River Trail
Follows the Chippewa River

Red Cedar State Trail
Follows the Red River

Grandad’s Bluff, LaCrosse
Grandad’s is the largest bluff in LaCrosse. It is surrounded by forest and several walking trails.

Carson Park
This 134-acre park is a favorite of Eau Claire residents. It is also a great place to have lunch and take a stroll.

Fairfax Park
With 75-acres, Fairfax park has plenty of walking trails to take advantage of.

Mt. Simon Park
At 49 acres, located on Dell’s Pond, Mt. Simon Park also has a boat dock so visitors can view the fall colors from the water.

Phoenix Park
Located on the Chippewa River, this 33-acre park has a large boat landing for fall color viewing from the water.

Rod and Gun Park
This 36-acre park is relatively small, but its series of ponds and streams make a beautiful addition to the backdrop of fall colors.

LL Phillips County Park
This 76-acre park has a walking trail complete with a beautiful lake and creek.

Fall Harvest is sponsored by:

CCF Bank
2125 Cameron St
Eau Claire

Fall Harvest is sponsored by:

CCF Bank
2125 Cameron St
Eau Claire