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[PHOTOS] Quit Horsing Around! New Water Street Mural Has Locals Saying ‘Yay’ – Or Neigh?

as former 200 Main owner Terry Meyer paints a new Eau Claire mural, Sue Orfield performs jazzy tunes in unique ‘FLOWt’ event

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Rein in your excitement! A new mural is racing to the wall of one Eau Claire business. Local artist Terry Meyer (formerly of 200 Main Art & Wine) was asked by owner Mickey Judkins of Details to create a new mural for the back of her building, located at the intersection of Water Street and Fifth Avenue. 

This 26-by-11-foot piece was community-funded through a Kickstarter campaign created by Jo Ellen Burke, president of the Eau Claire Public Arts Council. The Kickstarter campaign began with a goal to raise $4,000 to create the mural, with any remaining funds to be put toward fostering more murals by local artists. The campaign has already raised more than $4,400. 

On Tuesday, Oct. 5, Meyer invited saxophonist Sue Orfield to play while he created the mural. They invited local friends, artists, and creatives to connect over the arts.  “(Orfield and Meyer) create wonderful, creative sounds and sights when they connect to play together,” the Facebook event says. 

The title of the mural is “Charging Troop” and depicts several horses contrasted with a baby blue background.

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