[PHOTOS] Let's Paint the Town: Downtown Menomonie Gets Historic (But New!) Murals

Vintage Sign Shop and several regional artists add Silver Dollar sign and Harry Miller vintage mural to downtown businesses

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Joel Pearish |

This past weekend, Menomonie got some new, vintage murals as part of the inaugural “Let’s Paint the Town” event. 

The effort began after the city sought to patch up graffiti art on the side of Town and Country Antiques in downtown Menomonie (located at 244 Main St.) and to create a more eye-catching downtown.

“The town is completely transformed,” said Wade Lambrigtsen of Vintage Sign Shop, who helped create the murals, with the help of nine local and regional artists.

Locals got to see the mural creation in action during last Thursday’s Downtown Menomonie Ladies’ Night Out and Friday’s Taste of Menomonie event, with special sales and an outdoor flea market.

The first mural, painted at 244 Main St., depicts one of the oldest (if not the oldest) motorcycles, invented by Menomonie native Harry Miller, who was born in 1875.

Artists also restored the historic Anderson Cleaners sign on the back of 244 Main St., and created a new Silver Dollar mural (and sign!) for Silver Dollar Restaurant at 315 Main St.

Check out more information about Vintage Sign Shop and their work here, and more about the "Let's Paint the Town" initiative here


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