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Merry Christmas Eve: We Screwed Up!

an abject seasonal apology from the staff of Volume One

V1 Staff |

WHOOPS! You may have noticed a few weird mistakes in the new print issue of Volume One, such as this red dummy text and blank spot for a photo on page 4.
WHOOPS! You may have noticed a few weird mistakes in the new print issue of Volume One, such as this red dummy text and a blank spot where a photo should be on page 4.

So, this is a little awkward … but we had a handful of printing errors in the latest issue of Volume One and we wanted to quickly say: We’re sorry. It happens to the best of us, ya know? But some of it is pretty rough-looking, so we just wanted to rip the Band-Aid off and tell you all about it now before you see it in print and wonder “What the heck is going on over at Volume One? Are they OK?” Clearly, no, we’re not.

We could blame it on mischievous Christmas elves. We could – and should – blame it on 2020. Maybe we cursed ourselves by purposefully using that terrible font – Comic Sans – heavily in our Year In Review feature to truly wallow in the depths of this terrible year. That really might be it, actually.

In reality, it’s a weird technical problem with software between us and our printing company, a bit of working from home, and more. But we’ll get it fixed. No matter what, we wanted to reach out ahead of this thing and sincerely apologize for the screw-up.

Here’s the list of stuff in print that’s messed up, and how you can read what things were supposed to be:

  • The Staff Note on page 4 was missing the correct text, but you can read it online here.
  • The actual text of the article about J.E. Sunde’s new album on page 24 was missing, but you can read the whole thing here.
  • The answer to question No. 5 in our Year in Review quiz on page 42 was actually B. (Don’t worry, even if you got this one wrong, it won’t impact your final grade for the semester.)
  • The article on page 28 about Ken Szymanski’s book said it was his authorial debut, which wasn’t actually the case. (Sorry Ken! We totally loved Blue Light Special!)
  • We also spelled author Joe Niese’s name wrong a couple of times in an article on page 29. (Sorry Joe!)

For what it’s worth, we actually had made all these corrections, but the technical snafu caused the uncorrected pages to go to the printer. Print media, right? These are just the risks you run in the high-stakes world of hyper-local community alt-weekly magazines. We should know! We’ve been doin’ this thing a while now. And we have the battle wounds to prove it.

Thanks for sticking with us. Sorry for the mistakes. We’ll keep doing our best!

Happy Holidays, and here’s to the New Year,

– Your friends at Volume One