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The Rear End
Cover Art

On the Cover | June 13, 2018

learn more about V1's cover art from Derek J. Carlson

"The painting entitled “Somewhere on a Farm” is part of a series consisting of vintage pick-up trucks set in idyllic backdrops. This series is devoted to the shape, line, and contour of these beautiful machines and how they have survived, so far, the test of time. Far from being perfect ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | June 13, 2018

SUPER CUTE PARACHUTE. This summer Chippewa Valley Family and Prevea Health are hosting free live music and activities in Phoenix Park during the Saturday Morning Hullabaloo. The first installment was June 9; the two remaining dates are July 14 and Aug. 25 ...

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4 Health Tips for Music Festival Season

keep safe while you rock out

Attending local or regional music festivals is an annual tradition for many people and can be a fun time to reconnect with friends while enjoying great music. I have staffed many first aid tents at music festivals ...

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Music Quick Hits | June 2018

Upon the release of his forthcoming record People Are My Drug (which is streaming now), Phil Cook will make his way home to the Chippewa Valley to perform on Oct. 20 in the Jamf Theater ...

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A Tale Fit for a Queen

religious theater group stages female-fronted biblical musical

Maybe it was divine intervention. Maybe it was just a stroke of good luck. Either way, a musical version of the biblical story of Esther arrived in the hands of TAG Ministries, an Eau Claire-based Christian theater company ...

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On a Lonesome Road

policeman turned attorney pens debut mystery novel

Rick Pendergast – a lifelong resident of Eau Claire, a former Eau Claire Police Department officer, and a current local attorney – recently published his first novel, Stoney Lonesome Road. The novel (named after an actual road in Boyd) is a mystery ...

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Local Lit

A Whistle of Sunlight

In the future we will have better / names for sadness. Our clocks will ring open / the midnight sky not as a pit of darkness / flaked with all the glittery yearnings out of reach ...

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Local Look

Gather for a Party on the Prairie

new Altoona park at River Prairie offers outdoor and indoor space for summer shindigs and events

When Wisconsin enters its too-few months of warmth and sunshine, it’s time to take the party outside. Which parties? All of them. The new River Prairie Park off Front Porch Place in Altoona offers seven outdoor ...

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Food / Drink

6 Hot Tips for Safe Summer Dining

how not to get sick at the cookout

During this busy summer season of picnics, barbecues, and other activities involving food, the Eau Claire City-County Health Department would like to remind everyone about important ways to keep your food safe ...

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Kid Culture

5 Common Mistakes Runners Make

and how to avoid them

You’re all fired up and ready to run! In fact, you might have a longer term goal you’re working towards and want to make this year your fittest year yet! Motivation is at an all-time high and you have daydreams ...

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Hickory in Hallie

Lake Hallie Golf Course hosts second annual Hickory Classic

A group of 16 golfers recently played 18 holes at the Lake Hallie Golf Course. What was different about this gathering was that all players in the Lake Hallie Hickory Classic on June 2 were using old-fashioned ...

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Other Stuff

Getting Some Air

Chippewa Valley Air Show will turn your world upside down

Things at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport will be flying high on June 16-17 when the Chippewa Valley Air Show comes in for a landing. The air show only happens every few years, so don’t miss out on the chance ...

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