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Life in the Slow Lane

I’m getting to know our town up close, one jog at a time

I recently started running again. Not from anything in particular, though maybe I’m fleeing from a bit of my winter weight and lackadaisical ways. I used to think of myself as an avid runner. I was on the cross country team in high school ...

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The Rear End

Game of Phones

summertime family reunions are not what they used to be

Family reunion season is winding down here in Wisconsin. The days of sitting in a half circle of creaky lawn chairs as you balance a flimsy paper plate overflowing with questionably ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | August 29, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Abbey Berg

“I wanted to create a work that told a story, a narrative. This was to tell a story of two old friends, maybe even best friends, just enjoying each other’s company. They represent a long-lasting friendship that can last a lifetime. My men are ..."

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Let the Frenzy Begin

after a summer fling with soccer, time to get back to ’Merican football

I recently found myself consumed by a full weekend of football. There were live games galore, non-stop action, and plenty of highlights and analysis of one of the hottest sports ...

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The Latest Eruption

Vernon’s Volcano Choir releases second album

Justin Vernon is well out of the cabin at this point. The Bon Iver frontman, Grammy winner and all around local music hero has always had a plethora of side projects and collaborations (my count puts him at six records released this year he’ll ...

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Monolyth Makes Move

The Chippewa Valley has a new face in the electronic hip-hop scene. Altoona native Markus Sherman writes and produces his own beats and harmonies under his producing name, Monolyth. Complicated rhythms incorporated with trippy harmonic lines ...

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Battle Tunes

quirky new EP from The Frenettes

The recurring theme throughout my conversation with The Frenettes was summed up by a mission statement from bassist and vocalist Paul Brandt: “This is the band where we can do whatever we want,” he said.

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Giant Peach Rolls In

CVTG production sings a song of Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl is known for his beloved, imaginative stories, and his 1961 children’s book, James and the Giant Peach, is no different. Now, the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild will bring this wondrous story to life on the stage of the Grand Theatre in ...

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Bad, Bad Lies

latest UWEC Players show taps local scribe

The UWEC Players are a theater group that provides a unique platform for theater performances because every aspect of a production – from the script to the directing to tech to design ...

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Supernatural Thriller Set in Eau Claire

Psychic ability and crime unite in Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality, a book based in Eau Claire. The novel is a work of fiction written under the pseudonym of Mitchell Nevin, a former Milwaukee police officer who uses real world ...

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Chippewa Falls Writer Wins Award for Thriller

There is a fine line between love and hate, or in this case, murder. Chippewa Falls author Laurie Norlander’s novel Mirror Images follows a young woman named Maddy, who suspects that her former boyfriend, Nic, may be more violent than she ever ...

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Top Tale Tellers

storytelling festival bigger – and scarier – for 2013

Heard any good stories lately? Maybe they came via your TV or radio. Maybe from a podcast downloaded to a digital device. Or maybe, if you’re lucky, they came from the mouth of a friend or a loved one or even a stranger, shared over a cup of ...

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A Writer's Novel Approach

Kickstarter funds sought to offset wages while finishing book

Aspiring novelist Erin Gitchell of Menomonie has finally decided to take time off and hammer out the epic fantasy novel, The Sowing of Rebellion, that she’s been working on for two and a half years. The drawback: Doing so means she’ll have to ...

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Visual Art

Creatures Featured

artist Ray Kaselau’s animal kingdom

Ray Kaselau was around 12 years old when he started making the mask of his childhood hero, Batman, and running around his neighborhood fighting crime. Years later, the western ...

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Getting Graphic

Eau Claire Comic Con caters to the genre fans

As summer begins to wind down and students begin to fill the classrooms fear not, there is something to look forward to: the third annual Eau Claire Comic Con. So grab your favorite illustrated characters and go meet up with like-minded ...

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Local Look

Think Inside the Box

Menomonie street feature improves bike safety

Apparently, Eau Claire might have to play a game of catch-up if it wants to be on the same pedal-powered playing field as Menomonie. The city of Menomonie recently created “bike boxes” ...

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JAMF Digs In

construction on downtown office building has begun

The downtown development train kept rolling with a plethora of projects getting the go-ahead – and even digging up dirt – in recent weeks.

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Food / Drink

Get 'Em While They're Hot

new food cart offers Chicago-style fare

Curt Simonson had always wanted to open his own mobile food trailer or restaurant. Starting with his days as a cook at Double Days Sports Bar and Grill, cooking has been a part ...

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Put Up or Shut Up

canning autumn’s bounty can be easy – as long as you’re careful not to poison yourself

Until a few years ago, food preservation seemed like an archaic custom to me, practiced only by rural grandmothers with vast root cellars and determined-looking homemakers on World War II-era “victory garden” posters. Then I married into a family ...

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Autumn is near and that means cooler weather and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. We are always fans of people getting into the holiday spirit and one of those ways is by eating and drinking fun, weird, surprising foods that only seem ...

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Back to School Bruise-A-Thon

free event launches 2013 roller derby season

Never seen roller derby except on TV? Now is your chance to see it – in person, for FREE – in Eau Claire. Come cheer and jeer the Dishonor Roll, Treacherous Teachers, Psychotic Principals, and Low-Down Lunch Ladies at ...

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