Supernatural Thriller Set in Eau Claire

Emily Albrent |

Psychic ability and crime unite in Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality, a book based in Eau Claire. The novel is a work of fiction written under the pseudonym of Mitchell Nevin, a former Milwaukee police officer who uses real world investigations and surveillance methods to aid in his story ideas. Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality is about three very distinct characters, a college baseball prankster, a Chicago police sergeant, and a Twin Cities identity thief. They decide to harness one of the trio’s clairvoyant abilities for monetary gain and the line between greed and personal responsibility becomes blurred. The book explores the use of the sixth sense to help solve crimes and one man’s desperate attempt to salvage his reputation. Nevin’s book was published in mid-August and can be purchased in paperback or Kindle format at