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FEATURE: Local Adoption

a local church is organizing an orphanage and facilitating adoption in Ethiopia

“I knew it was one of the things that I was created to do. Of course (it) doesn’t mean there weren’t hard days in the process.” – Nikki Ness, on adopting her children

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Take Our Word for It

local parents share their adoption experiences

“We had this helpless feeling, because you are in someone else’s hands, but you have to remember to look at the bigger picture, and it’s amazing how that (feeling) falls away once you have that child in your life.”

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Tracing the Trend

Is foreign adoption just a celebrity trend, or a decision with practical advantages?

Advantages to adopting from abroad include fewer restrictions and costs and more avaliability.

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Editor's Notes
Opening Letters

Lock It Down

can we pleeeeeease decide about the jail already?

At this point I could really care less which way the vote goes. I just want a decision made.

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The Rear End

Bang the Drum

my adventures in the crazy world of band class

I was my high school’s best drummer. Well, definitely top three, anyway. OK, there were three drummers in my little high school band, and I was definitely one of them.

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Olympic Reasoning

could Eau Claire possibly be the site for the next winter olympics? (no.)

The Olympics could be the incentive to finally build a new arena in Eau Claire, as has been discussed for decades. This arena could host figure skating and short-track speed skating.

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Deadstar Assembly

Eau Claire drummer drums for popular industrial metal band

"I recently sat down with newly acquired drummer Kriz D.K., an Eau Claire transplant, who has a sorta Rock Star story in terms of his admission into DSA’s ranks."

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Jagjaguwar Signs Peter Wolf Crier

Peter Wolf Crier’s debut album, Inter-Be, launched only a few months ago, yet it is the latest regional music project slated for the oxymoronic “indie big time” with the announcement of a spring re-release by the label Jagjaguwar (the same of Bon Iver).

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Midtown Dickens

Durham, NC folk outfit strums towards Infinitea

As refreshing as a desert spring shower, Midtown Dickens will breeze into Eau Claire on April 3.

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Zoo Animal

hooky Minneapolis creature on display at The Underground

Minneapolis indie-rocker Zoo Animal is a bipolar creature, made up of both toe-tapping and down tempo tendencies.

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The Bacchae

UW-Stout’s Theatre Department tackles story of Dionysus

You may have read The Bacchae in your high school English class, but UW-Stout’s University Theatre will be performing it in a slightly different way.

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Out in the Open

children’s book gives perspective on disabilities

A retired psychology professor from UWEC hopes her new book will incite parents and teachers as well as students with and without disabilities to open up about their differences and allow acceptance and healing to occur.

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The Story of Filmotype

local font maker publishes book on defunct typesetting

Filmotype: By the Letter, self-published in 2009, tells the story of the Filmotype company, whose user-friendly typesetting machine revolutionized the printing industry in the 1950s.

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Visual Art

The Yarn Tree

a Putnam Heights artist makes front yard nature her canvas

For five months a year, Wisconsin trees sit naked, void of leaves and color, giving our world a gloomy vibe. Local artist Gail Schellinger is working to combat that at her Trimble Street home.

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Local Look
Wider Scope

The Art of Aging

experts say involvement in arts keeps you young

On depression and loneliness, those participating in art had better scores. But the results went beyond the qualitative. The painters, singers, and writers reported fewer doctor visits and fewer falls than the others.

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Eau Claire Mighty Docs

local middle-agers start an ice hockey group

“When we first started, 5 year-olds could have beaten us.” – Ted Barr, one of the founding members of The Mighty Docs

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Special Sections
Other Stuff

Community Strength Training

local leaders look at how to perfect public services

Through Alliance for Strong Communities, Eau Claire area leaders are looking to change how local government and schools use taxes to fund public projects.

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