Mike Noyce Records Vinyl Single for Haiti

Trevor Kupfer |

The local relief efforts to support Haiti are stronger than ever, and now Bon Iver’s Mike Noyce has gotten in on the act. Noyce recorded a new track titled Arrested for a limited edition seven-inch vinyl, the proceeds of which will afford instruments for a music school in Port Au Prince. Accompanying Noyce on the vinyl is the Chicago band Ragged Claws, a member of which is Noyce’s former roommate Paul Karner. Karner taught guitar at the Haitian school, and pitched the idea to the Common Cloud label, who will release a series of these split vinyls (upcoming ones include the bands Babyteeth, Tuneyards, and White Hinterland). “The fact that the money is going to buy instruments excites me,” Noyce said. “I think it is an important and easy means for Haitians to step back into an aspect of daily life they had before the quake. And, as a musician, it’s definitely something that I can understand, something tangible.” Preorder the vinyl for $10 (and get a free digital download of another original Ragged Claws track) at