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Downers Grove

longtime local “progfrock” band unleashes album

Ted Waldbillig, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When they announce “this will be the last one,” you can count on 10 to 15 minutes more of high-powered fretwork, ba-da-boom tish, and river-like key-runs.

Festival of Text

UWEC English Fest returns with Tess Onwueme up front

Ted Waldbillig

The UW-Eau Claire English Festival is a weeklong event (April 26-30) featuring various panels and readings from students, faculty, and other community members. And yet, literature is only the core of the festival itinerary.

From Texas to Wisconsin

folkster moved from Texas to Wis. to Minn.

Ted Waldbillig

Being born in the same hospital as Bob Dylan can cast a shadow on a singer/songwriter, especially one who writes about gypsies and sleeping outside. That’s Luke Redfield, a well-traveled folkie with a red-brown beard.

Try Not to Go Crazy Over This One

Ted Waldbillig

Sure, Schizophrenzy is a rip-off of a Nintendo game released years ago, but it has one advantage... It's free.

An Unusual Platformer

Ted Waldbillig

The object is not to maneuver the character safely through each level. It's just the opposite.

Ambling Forward

Ted Waldbillig

Chippewa Valley's Amble Down Records to host showcase at big-time Madison music festival.

Swingin' at the Parrot

Ted Waldbillig

In case you haven’t heard, The Red Parrot Lounge’s in-house swing band has been playing free Tuesday night shows.

Saturday: The Big Twang

Ted Waldbillig

This Saturday, the WHYS Bluegrass Festival is gonna strum your butt right to twang heaven.

Music Versus Violence

Music for Peace festival returns to Menomonie

Ted Waldbillig

Joining the happily stuffed list of Chippewa Valley summer festivals is Music for Peace.

Girls, Girls, Girls!

Ted Waldbillig

If you’ve had an unrequited hankering for female singer-songwriter shows, these past few months have been heaven ...

Four Second Firestorm

Ted Waldbillig

You have four seconds to play a hilariously ridiculous, often far-too-difficult-to-understand-how-to-play 'microgame.'

TODAY: Chalk-a, Chalk-a, Chalk-a

Ted Waldbillig

There's a lot going on in Downtown Eau Claire on Saturday, including the area's largest chalk art-based festival.

WHYS Bluegrass Festival

WHYS Radio’s second annual festival brings the local twang

Ted Waldbillig

As the metaphorical sun sets on the summer, you might consider lawnstorming Lake Altoona County Park for WHYS Radio’s second annual Bluegrass Festival.

Feathe Releases New EP, Launches Regional Tour

Ted Waldbillig

Chip-Falls’ Feathe is officially at-large. Their Wisconsin-Minnesota tour in support of their new EP, Tithing with God in the Milkweed, started here in the Chippewa Valley on July 30, and went as far north as Duluth.

One of Eau Claire’s Secret Spots

Ted Waldbillig

My thrice weekly jog takes me down the student housing blocks on First Ave., and over the bridge to UW campus I go....

Saturday: Ballad of the Guy

Ted Waldbillig

Hey, if Country Jam ain't your thang, check out this Mabel Tainter musical comedy.

A Quick Note about Farm Potential

Ted Waldbillig

Learning organic farming practices isn't arbitrary, and it's something you can do right here in Wisconsin.

Ryan Cabrera

Skate America rolls out national-local music combo

Ted Waldbillig

Teen heartthrob Ryan Cabrera to be rolling into Skate America.

Put Da Duke Wit Da Coconut

quirky songsmiths record album four states apart

Ted Waldbillig

The duo cites eclectic mock-rockers Ween as an influence on their refusal to be just one band.

Derrick Williams

one-man-band releases debut album

Ted Waldbillig

Northern Wisconsin State Fair

Night Ranger is coming to town ... must be state fair time

Ted Waldbillig

Although the rides, funnel cakes, and oversized stuffed Bengal tigers cost extra, you can experience live music all day, everyday with standard admission.

No Minor Feathe

Ted Waldbillig

Female duo prepares for Midwest tour

Nancy Nelson

folk singer/songwriter draws on painful past

Ted Waldbillig

It’s comforting to know that an artist sings with truth behind their voice. Nancy Nelson, a mezzo-soprano and Mondovi native, began playing guitar and singing at a young age.

It's Hot Enough to...

Ted Waldbillig

What about that old 'frying an egg on a sun-baked surface' adage?

A Floating Tradition

Ted Waldbillig

The tubing season ramps up, starting on Sunday with FATFAR.

Heatbox Brings the Beatbox

Ted Waldbillig

Minneapolis boy-wonder Heatbox keeps the crowd groovin' with only his voice.