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The Public Library

an essay by writer Nickolas Butler

Nickolas Butler

Come inside here, stranger – the doors are open now. You’re safe. It is warm here, in this library. I want you think about that word – warm. I want you to hold it in the palms of your hand like a spark nested ...

February Gray

Nickolas Butler

Today i just want to be an old wooden chair // or the patient barber // whose broom is always pushing piles // of very white hair ...

A Man in the Woods Critiques a Man of the Woods

Justin Timberlake’s new brand of woodsy aesthetic feels a little shallow

Nickolas Butler

On Feb. 2, Justin Timberlake drops Man of the Woods, his fifth studio album. In a one-minute promotional video for Man of the Woods that has the aesthetic of a Woolrich catalogue combined ...

An Exclusive Look: In-demand Eau Claire barber edges into limelight

Nickolas Butler, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Dustin Price grips my head firmly with his left hand, while in his right hand, a razor shapes my hairline just so. His beard is immense, Jeremiah Johnson big, and his eyes are intense. A dip of Kodiak pooches his lower lip ...

Can City Leaders Make Room for World-Class Beer?

Nickolas Butler

More than a year ago, already hard pressed to keep up with surging demand and quickly outgrowing his humble cinder-block space, Will started looking for sites that could better accommodate the Brewing Projekt’s expansion ...

A Final Word: Exporting Eau Claire

investing in and sharing our music, words, & ideas

Nickolas Butler

A few weeks ago I was riding through the streets of Lyon, France (home to a museum called Confluence at the nexus of the Saone and Rhone) sharing a cab with a Romanian woman named Maria who seemed to know more about the Eau Claire music scene than I do. ...

North Words

EC native’s book-length poem defies categorization

Nickolas Butler

About 20 years ago, I was a student at Memorial High School sitting in Mary Mickel’s English class. On the day in question, we were presenting some kind of speech, possibly based on a personal experience or some such – I don’t really remember. But what I do remember is my friend, Nick Gulig, ambling up to the front of the class in his tattered punk-rock regalia: Clothes literally held together with pins, magic, hasty stitches, body odor, and Trucker’s Union patches ...

Sweet Dreams of Denim

how a Wranglers commercial made me a Favre fan again

Nickolas Butler

By all rights, I still ought to hate Brett Favre.