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Finding Solid Ground

UW-Eau Claire gets $10M donation for event center with capacity of 7,500

Tom Giffey, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Marisa Wojcik

A $10 million donation from a pair of UW-Eau Claire alumni will be a literal and figurative game-changer for the university and the community, providing a location for a privately funded 7,500 capacity multipurpose venue that will eventually ...

Not Taken for Granted

tourism agency gives groups their due via grant program

Barbara Arnold, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Here’s one more reason to make Eau Claire your entertainment and culture destination. The minute you spend filling out a Visit Eau Claire survey at a local event could turn into moolah for local nonprofits and volunteer groups. Visit Eau Claire ...

Listen: Bon Iver remix contest results

V1 Staff, photos by Marisa Wojcik

As you may have heard, Bon Iver recently ran a contest where fans could remix any of the tracks from Bon Iver, Bon Iver and win up to $10,000 ($1,000 per song), as well as a featured spot on an exclusive Spotify release. You can listen to the ...

Re-Bon Iver-ing

Marni Kaldjian, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Announced earlier this month, Eau Claire’s Bon Iver is holding a “Bon Iver, Bon Iver” remix contest. Hosted by Indaba Music and sponsored by Swedish streaming sensation Spotify, Justin Vernon and Co will be selecting a winner for each of the ...

Bon Iver Comes Back (Zorn Arena, 12-12-11)

photos by Marisa Wojcik

Volume One was lucky enough to get a photographer into Zorn Arena to document Bon Iver's first hometown show since 2008. Check out sound check, the crowd, opener Lianne la Havas, and of course, the band.

Showing Off the Arts

Wisconsin Arts Board to spend weekend in Eau Claire

V1 Staff, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Leaders in Madison have caught wind of what’s been happening with arts and creativity in the Chippewa Valley in recent years, and they’re coming to investigate for themselves. On Friday and Saturday, September 16-17, the members of the Board ...


the state of the Chippewa Valley's computer gaming scene

Matt Ledger, photos by Marisa Wojcik, Andrea Paulseth

It started in 1997 as a simple birthday party. Monty Peterson and his friends got together to celebrate by networking their computers and beating the crap out of each other inside some of their favorite video games ...

Teaching an Old Pet New Tricks

training experts provide tips on everything from housebreaking to hunting

photos by Marisa Wojcik

Your pet won’t obey “come” if they weren’t taught what it means. It will also not obey if “come” always means something negative. Build desired behaviors (commands such as “come”) by using positive reinforcement such as rewards and praise.

Wheeling the Dirt

local off-road cycling group gets active with local trails

Carrie Weiss, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Chippewa Off-Road Bike Association is an organization of cyclists whose purpose is actually recycling.

Swim Dog Fest 2009

photos by Marisa Wojcik

On Sunday, August 30, Eau Claire’s Fairfax Pool was open exclusively to dogs for an end of the year doggie-polooza. Activities included water and ground retrieval, a lure course, and concessions. The event benefited the Eau Claire Off-Leash Dog Park.

Meridene + The Gentle Guest @Phoenix Park (2009)

photos by Marisa Wojcik

Quite a crowd gathered under the colorful evening sky as a final farewell to the summer concert series in Eau Claire Thursday, August 27th at Phoenix Park. Featured bands were Meridene and Gentle Guest whose catchy pop and folk music inspire ...

The Scoop: A Tour of Local Ice Cream Shops

everything you need to know about the places with ice cream in the Valley

Brittany Landorf, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Summer’s blistering heat can only be countered by a luxurious, cool breather of ice cream.

Fanny Hill: Show Stopper

theater at iconic Fanny Hill to conclude in six months

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Marisa Wojcik

“When people boast about town, one of the first things is this dinner theater. We’re known around the state. We’re part of the fabric of the community.”

I Do, I Do

photos by Marisa Wojcik

Your Golden Ticket

Infamous Chocolate Factory Coming to the State Theatre

Mark Koenig, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Let me ask a question, “Who can take a sunrise / Sprinkle it with dew / Cover it in chocolate / And a miracle or two?”

A Walk in the (Dog) Park

Chippewa Valley Canines Begging for More Parks

Gillian Ekern, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Belting It Out at the Park

one man’s ode to the good ol’ Star Spangled Banner

Luc Anthony, photos by Marisa Wojcik

"Complicating the matter, the anthem is not the easiest to sing, between a melody covering one-and-a-half octaves, and lyrics that can be easy to swap (gleaming/streaming and light/fight)."