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Three Bold Ideas for State Street

the city is talking about roundabouts, but we can try something even wilder

Laura Buchholz 

State Street will likely be closed for a time next summer and fall, and the time to start making your contingency plans is now. As a homeowner on the majestic artery itself, the thought of State Street torn up for months ...

On a Roll: Chippewa Valley Roller Derby Evolves

Laura Buchholz , photos by Andrea Paulseth

For years, the Chippewa Valley Roller Derby (formerly Chippewa Valley Roller Girls) has wanted to have multiple home teams. This is the year that will happen. On Friday, Oct. 12, the Chippewa Valley Roller Derby (CVRD) ...

The Apple That Shall Not Be Named

the latest fruit from the University of Minnesota may not be a bad apple, but it’s got a bad name

Laura Buchholz 

Fall has arrived, and that means it’s time for the latest fruit to fall out of the chute from the University of Minnesota’s apple lab.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

how NOT to behave when you’re out vintage shopping

Laura Buchholz 

As the world spins on its axis and every day brings fresh indignities to our news cycle, timeless and well-made vintage items persist as a reminder of a bygone era to which many seem to want to return, except this time with a good wireless connection.

Let Us Eat Cake

thoughts on the "no lineup lineup" at Eaux Claires IV

Laura Buchholz 

In a recent interview with Volume One, Justin Vernon addressed the controversy surrounding his festival’s experimental decision not to release the names of the bands that would be playing until the festival ...

9 Ways to up Your Thrift Sale Game

it's quality over quantity; sometimes a little extra work can pay off big time if you're having a rummage sale

Laura Buchholz 

Summer is a great time to enjoy the best of what life has to offer: sunshine, ice cream, beaches, sleeping with the windows open, and, of course, the most important thing: Rummaging ...

On Not Having a Cabin

It’s easy to envy folks who have hideaways in the woods. Instead, we should be praying for them.

Laura Buchholz 

It’s May, the time of year when people who have cabins start going up to their cabins, and then come back and start talking about what it was like to be at their cabins. As a non-cabin owner, a person hears a lot secondhand about what that experience is like ...