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5 most common local surnames

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Jesse Johnson

With a little help from the Chippewa Valley Museum, we divined the most common official monikers worn by the Eau Claire citizenry.

Blast from the Past: The Rocket Slide

Kinzy Janssen

Sometime in the spacey 60s, sections of a steel rocket arrived in Carson Park from one of the big shot playground vendors at the time. When it was originally assembled, it had two slides – one departing from an upper level and one from a lower ...

Cautious Classrooms

a newly enforced safety code in schools aims to remove flammable material, but at what cost to creativity?

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

What do exits, sprinklers, and a child’s self portrait have in common? From the perspective of a fire prevention officer, these are three factors that affect the safety of a building’s occupants in the event of a fire. Without adequate exits ...

Rethinking Our Rivers: An Introduction

a city once defined by its rivers is finally ready to reclaim the waterways and reinvent its identity

Nick Meyer, Trevor Kupfer, Thom Fountain, Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Nick Meyer, Jessica Vollmer

Pumpkin Recipes

Katie Venit, Kinzy Janssen

The poor pumpkin has long been gutted, carved, and relegated to the front steps. And when it does appear in recipes, often it’s fake or from a can. But we at Volume One think more of this autumn staple, and asked some creative culinary ...

A Rough Year

this year’s harvest was tough for many farmers

Kinzy Janssen, Anna Semanko, photos by Andrea Paulseth

With fall just around the corner, everyone is prepping for corn mazes, apple orchards, and fresh crops at the local farmer’s market. With the varying weather over the past year and extreme temperatures we have seen of late, it’s no surprise that ...

Across the Spectrum

local libraries gearing special programs towards autism spectrum disorders

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Twenty libraries throughout the region are taking advantage of a grant that will help address the needs of local children who fall along the autism spectrum. Leah Langby, Library Development and Youth Services Coordinator for the Indianhead ...

Malcolm at Midnight

new book from W.H. Beck

Kinzy Janssen

Manz Elementary Media Specialist Becky Wojahn has published her ninth book (six were part of a series) geared toward elementary and middle school-age children, this time under the name W. H. Beck. Released by Houghton Mifflin ...

The Write Club

Kinzy Janssen

The first and second rules of Write Club, despite the movie it rhymes with, is that you talk about Write Club. Founder Aimee Johnson explains that the open-to-all club began as “a selfish endeavor.” “I wanted some place where I could get feed back...

Interview with the New Guy

chatting with Eau Claire’s next city manager, Russ Van Gompel

Kinzy Janssen

On November 5th, Russ Van Gompel will take over the position of City Manager (the top appointed city official) for Eau Claire, a position vacated by Mike Huggins in December and currently held by interim manager Brian Amundson. Van Gompel ...

Writing the Book of Tom

Michael Perry focuses on neighbor for latest book

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The man is Tom Hartwig, Michael Perry’s neighbor. The highway is Interstate 94, that fixture bisecting our landscape (and Tom’s farm). And the “road to roughneck grace” is one that Perry treads over the course of a year of visits to Tom ...

What to Do about Owen

park's soil contamination may have silver lining

Kinzy Janssen

What do you get when you cross a beloved city park with hundred-year-old contaminants? Public input meetings! The first public input meeting to determine what will become of the two acres in Owen Park slated for tree removal and soil remediation ...

Filming Uniroyal

locally made Uniroyal documentary in the works

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It has been 20 years since the hulking brick building on the horizon above the Eau Claire River hosted the smell of lampblack – a key ingredient, I learned, in tire manufacturing. Both the term and the industry are foreign to me, a fact not lost ...

Dresses to Impress

program converts prom garb into period costumery

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If there’s one thing theatre programs are used to, it’s a shoestring budget. But when Amanda Profaizer first heard the proposed costuming budget of $2,000 for UW-Eau Claire’s biannual opera, she gasped ...

Michael Perry's New Book to Get Neighborly

Kinzy Janssen

What can you learn from your neighbor? That’s the ultimate question Michael Perry sets out to answer in his soon-to-be-released book, Visiting Tom: A Man, A Highway, and the Road to Roughneck Grace. The book follows a year of neighborly visits ...

How's Business?

the shifting roster of Eau Claire's downtown shops

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Betsy Olaussen

With spiffy plans on the horizon that promise to beef up downtown visibility and activity, it may seem incongruous that downtown commercial activity has taken some hits. Within the past two months, two local businesses have found new ...

ARTS FEATURE: Prove Yourself

The arts have spent years proving their economic worth – will that ever change?

Kinzy Janssen, illustrated by Kat Wesely, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The arts have spent decades trying to prove their economic worth. A recent study on the impact of the arts in Wisconsin led us to examine why the industry must keep proving itself – at its own expense.

Whose job is that?

interviews with the people working some of the Chippewa Valley's most interesting jobs

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Interviews with the people working some of the Chippewa Valley's most interesting jobs.

Steve Bateman's Fish Keeps on Swimming

Kinzy Janssen

A fish that takes its shape from a guitar, a Volkswagen fender, and some tornado-strewn corrugated metal has found a new home next to New York Pizza & Deli on Water Street in Eau Claire. Local found object sculptor Steve Bateman said he made ...

Rob Mattison: Patriotic Bomb Squadsman Extraordinaire

Kinzy Janssen

Rob Mattison is not a thrill seeker. He just handles bombs. Handily. With his hands. In this case, bombs translates to “yet-to-be-exploded fireworks.” Every year on the Fourth of July, Mattison helps load a pontoon with explosives ...

Four Legs and a Big Heart

local animals lending their paws and hooves to help out local humans

Lindsey Quinnies, Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Dr. Katherine Schneider, author and retired psychologist, has been blind since birth. The Eau Claire resident says her guide dog, Fran, is her “eyes, transportation, and best friend.” After using guide dogs for 39 years (Fran is number eight) ...

Two-wheel Parking

Kinzy Janssen

Every tried to wrangle your bike lock around a massive tree trunk? Or wandered aimlessly looking for a rack, only to settle for a sign or a railing? Put your frustrations aside, because there will (likely) soon be a standard amount of space ...

The Daydreamer's Journal

Kinzy Janssen

If there is such a thing as an average anthology, “Live Life: The Daydreamer’s Journal” is anything but. The recent and ambitious publication carries two world records – one for “the most authors [150] contributing to a published anthology of ...

Did you know? Carson Park has public Wi-Fi

Kinzy Janssen

Because of its invisible infrastructure, you may have been unaware that the internet is at your (hopefully dry) fingertips at Fairfax Pool, Hobbs Ice Arena, City buildings, and perhaps best of all, Carson Park.

Cultural Backdrop

how a year-long stint in China helped reaffirm my faith in democracy

Kinzy Janssen, illustrated by Catlin Felix Kramka

In February of 2011, I was sitting at a computer in Shenyang, China when I stumbled upon a front page story on the BBC news webpage depicting a capitol (my capitol! my gut realized) filling with thousands of people and just as many hand-painted ...

Around the Farm Table

fledgling cooking show to focus on local farming, seasonal food

Kinzy Janssen

As a fourth-generation dairy farmer, Inga Witscher grew up working in the barn and cooking in the kitchen alongside her grandmother and mother, who she describes as “entertaining” women – women who always created simple dishes from ...

Best of the Best Friends

Julie Bowe releases fifth book in Friends for Keeps series

Kinzy Janssen

In the world of best friends, there are subdivisions. Julie Bowe of Mondovi fleshes out these variations with mastery throughout her acclaimed series Friends for Keeps. Due out this summer, the fifth book in the series, entitled ...

Questioning the Locals | Maria Van Hoorn

getting to know our neighbors

Kinzy Janssen

Maria lives on the Eastside Hill with her husband Tom Stolp. She works for Hagar USA, an international nonprofit organization that provides healing and recovery to survivors of human trafficking in Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. She enjoys ...

Not Your Average Go-Kart

the Midwest Karting Assoc. takes it to another level

Kinzy Janssen

These aren’t your standard theme-park karts. They are well-oiled machines, and though the karts are technically capable of reaching 100 mph, top speed is determined by the curvaceousness of the course.

Big Names Join S. Carey Tour

Kinzy Janssen

Local musician Sean Carey (drummer of Bon Iver) continues to tour the country in promotion of his first solo album, All We Grow, under the moniker S. Carey.

Drink and Shrink

the interesting meal system of Eau Claire Fusion

Kinzy Janssen

The Supper Club

a closer look at one of our most iconic cultural institutions

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

This restaurant-as-destination attitude is one that simultaneously celebrates Wisconsin’s natural beauty (something we love to do whenever we can) and America’s fascination with driving ...

Roll Out the Barrel

my Wisconsin upbringing has fostered a tenderness toward polka

Kinzy Janssen, illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

All the Wyoming folk left the dance floor, dumbfounded but too polite to laugh. Meanwhile, my entire family of Wisconsinites flooded the space, as if to say "Finally." That’s when I felt nakedly aware of my own culture ...

The Nucleus to Host the New Solo Outfits

slices of the defunct Feathe (and a slice of Farms) to play rare Nucleus show

Kinzy Janssen

Slices of the now-defunct Eau Claire female folk trio Feathe will be playing a rare show at The Nucleus.

Cold Flashes of Brilliance

how being from Wisconsin means instantly being resourceful in winter

Kinzy Janssen, illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

Winter is the most demanding season. We have no choice in the slippery matters as they arise – we must tap our seldom-used skills of resourcefulness, ingenuity, and creativity.

Coldstruck: Smitten by the River in Winter

Kinzy Janssen

The “brutal” bridge had always been common ground – literally, but also figuratively. A space of mutual complaint. The epitome of winter’s chokehold.

Delong Teacher Takes Over Local Vocal Group

Kinzy Janssen

The Chippewa Valley Community Chorus has passed the baton (director’s wand, perhaps?) to Cathy Reitz, talented choral director at Delong Middle School.

Amping It Up

Altoona’s Phish Haus youth center focuses on music

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Just behind the tennis courts in Altoona City Park, an unassuming rectangle-of-a-building has been given a name and some fresh coats of dark green paint. The Phish Haus – a reincarnation of a youth arts center that expired in 1996 – is back.

Beyond Chocolate

Obsession Chocolates explodes into new location

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

After 20 months of extensive renovations, Obsession Chocolates has leapt onto the Eau Claire café scene – and brought their artistic chocolates with them. The space at 18 S. Barstow ...

Orfield & Perry

Sue Orfield collaborations return with Mike Perry show

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Mike O'Brien

As a self-proclaimed experimental band, it’s only fitting that the Sue Orfield Band should look beyond their four members to increase the eclecticism and evade any genre thrown their way.

V1 Classic: Who the heck is Bryan?

the man behind the lots of Xmas trees and pumpkins

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

You’ve noticed his name carefully painted on wooden signs in high traffic areas. You’ve perused his pumpkins on the corner of Menomonie and Clairemont. You’ve ogled his trees on the corner ...

"Scrambling" on Christmas Eve

Kinzy Janssen

My family was scurrying around, rummaging through dressers and closets trying to find belts/ties/shoes that matched our brown/black/navy socks/pants/skirts. Mom and I were sequestered in separate bathrooms, singeing our foreheads with curling irons.

New Grandma-Tica Tome

Kinzy Janssen

For seven years now, editors Nancy Clark Scobie and Judith Bredeson have been gathering stories/poems of, by, and about grandmothers and publishing them in a book called Poetica Grandma-tica.

The Rocket Slide

nostalgia and history surrounding a long-gone piece of Carson Park equipment

Kinzy Janssen

“I used to visit Eau Claire as a child and the rocket was one of my clearest memories. I spent the first year of college in Eau Claire trying to locate it, only to find out it was gone ...”

Local Artist: John Houseman

local artist mixes still life, portraits with the surreal

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

According to John Houseman, some things you just know how to do. And Houseman knows how to depict reality (and the surreal) with gouache – an opaque paint that can be thinned to ...


new Mongolian grill opens in Eau Claire

Kinzy Janssen

You’re fascinated by the spectacle of your food being tossed, sliced, and seared in plain view.

Phil Circle

Chicago singer/songwriter blows into town

Kinzy Janssen

Within two days of residency just outside Eau Claire, Circle had already booked a gig at the Acoustic Café and snagged a teaching position at the Eau Claire Music School.