The Write Club

Kinzy Janssen |

The first and second rules of Write Club, despite the movie it rhymes with, is that you talk about Write Club. Founder Aimee Johnson explains that the open-to-all club began as “a selfish endeavor.” “I wanted some place where I could get feed back and support for my writing,” says Johnson. “…but I’ve also helped some new writers get started and it feels good to encourage other people. Writing is such a lonely intimidating hobby.” With the motivation of a group environment, however, novels come out of hiding and poetry gains a voice. Participants who want to “test drive” a written piece should bring multiple copies of their work so everyone can follow along. Writers are encouraged to read their pieces aloud. Johnson stresses the critiques that ensue are cordial and constructive. “Sometimes a writer can’t see parts that are a little confusing or awkward until someone points it out to them,” she says. “On the other hand sometimes you write something you are lukewarm about but it turns out to be a hit amongst the group.” Write Club meets the first and third Sunday of every month from 12:30-2:30pm.