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Eau Claire Native Adelyn Rose Travels and Finds New Depths on ‘Any Way’

Eric Christenson, photos by Jesse Johnson

In early March, on the precipice of a nationwide lockdown, Addie Strei was painting houses in Minneapolis. It’s one of many side gigs for the Eau Claire native, whose 2019 found her busy with music, touring all over the world, traveling, and existing in ...

15 Local Songs You Should Download from Bandcamp on May 1

you'll be putting $15 in the pockets of local artists

Eric Christenson, photos by Jesse Johnson

So you want to support some local musicians during a pandemic. Sure, you can stream local music a million different ways, like ...

The Furlong & Short of It

fall exhibits planned at UW-Stout’s campus gallery

Emily Kinzel, photos by Jesse Johnson

UW-Stout provides the community with an array of opportunities and experiences, from guest speakers to theatrical productions. This fall, UW-Stout’s Furlong Art Gallery has a full schedule of exhibits featuring ...

Short 'N Sweet

Pat Keen’s new collection packs a ton of punch in about 20 minutes

Eric Christenson, photos by Jesse Johnson

Pat Keen was looking to shoot some press photos to accompany his brand new debut LP, Albatross. The cover of his 2015 record Leaving showed him emerging from a hot tub with an uncomfortable grimace on his face. He wanted to keep the “wet” theme consistent ...

Crackle Pop

local dude Pat Keen folds his jazz background into short, lo-fi pop songs

Eric Christenson, photos by Jesse Johnson

Eau Claire native Pat Keen’s debut solo album, Leaving, is 10 tracks long, but the entire album clocks in at just over 20 minutes. Each song in the collection functions as a punchy snapshot, and once Keen has said everything he needs to say, the track ends ...

More True Than Trippy

Wealthy Relative finds a way to be a person

Zack Katz, photos by Jesse Johnson

There’s a lanky figure with a mess of bleached hair standing on stage alongside his longtime cohort Sayth at an open mic event at The Plus, and without so much as a “hello” he begins his set by slipping an anomalous icebreaker ...

Eau Claire Community Foundation highlights local philanthropy

V1 Staff, photos by Jesse Johnson

Running November 12-18, the Eau Claire Community Foundation will join more than 700 similar organizations across across the country for Community Foundation Week. For 25 years, the effort has raised awareness about the increasingly important role ...

Carve It Out

spotlighting local pride via the humble jack-o-lantern

Mike Paulus, photos by Jesse Johnson

There is power in pumpkins. A few weeks back, a Volume One reader was looking for something local to carve into this year’s jack-o-lantern, and they had a hard time coming up with any kind of iconic imagery ...

Eau Claire Wants You Healthy!

William Kampf, photos by Jesse Johnson

The City of Eau Claire wants you to be healthy (so does your mom, spouse, and kids!). Last year, the City Council adopted a new section into the Comprehensive Plan known as the Health Chapter, the goal being to promote overall public health ...

UWEC will seek Confluence funds through state grant, not UW System

Tom Giffey, photos by Jesse Johnson

The road toward building the Confluence performing arts center has been a long one, and it will soon take a new twist: UW-Eau Claire won’t be seeking its share of the public-private arts center’s cost through the UW System budget ...

The DIY Resilience of House Shows

as two basement venues close, more pop up

Eric Christenson, photos by Jesse Johnson

This spring, two of Eau Claire’s most active indie basement venues shut down, simply because their tenants moved out – it’s just what tends to happen ...

Sayth Ain't So

hard-working art rapper set to make a statement

Eric Christenson, photos by Jesse Johnson

Clothed in a billowy floral-patterned long-sleeve button-down, a throwaway scarf used as a headband, and hiking boots, Sayth raps: “Macklemore made a mil off of gay rights / thanks dude, this is actually my real life” ...

Wisconsin Bike Fed seeking strong female "Roll Models"

Elena Montanye, photos by Jesse Johnson

Now that the weather is perfect for some outdoor adventures, many of you are probably planning to dust off your bicycles – if you haven’t already, that is! The Wisconsin Bike Federation recently published an article calling for women ...

The Island of Dr. Lee + Hannah Hebl + Dexter Wolf

photos by Jesse Johnson

On Saturday, May 31 textured hard rockers, The Island of Dr. Lee, featured the talents of Jaime Hansen, Dave Power, Addie Strei, and Matt Florence at the Mousetrap. Local songwriter/Adelyn Rose keyboardist Hannah Hebl also played her solo stuff, and

5 most common local surnames

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Jesse Johnson

With a little help from the Chippewa Valley Museum, we divined the most common official monikers worn by the Eau Claire citizenry.

Danceworks 2014

photos by Jesse Johnson

Under the direction of Julie Fox, assistant professor of dance, this production featured the department's premier performing group, The Ensemble. With explosive and evocative dancing and content, this annual event is an opportunity to explore the ric

Setting up 'Symphony on the Brain'

photos by Jesse Johnson

"Symphony on the Brain" was a sound installation amplifying the effects of overexposure to "Ode to Joy" in modern media and culture. Created by Eau Claire musician Davy Sumner, the installation was in a space in Banbury Place, Oct. 10–13.

New Place to Skate

skateboard plaza coming to Lakeshore Park

Tom Giffey, photos by Jesse Johnson

When city of Eau Claire parks officials created Phoenix Park a decade ago, they intended to build a beautiful, functional gathering place for the public at the confluence of two rivers – and they did that ...

4onthefloor @House of Rock (2-2-2013)

photos by Jesse Johnson

On Saturday, February 2, Twin Cities rockers 4onthefloor hit the House of Rock along with The Ditchrunners and opener Savanah Smith.

Eau Claire Improv Fest Saturday

photos by Jesse Johnson

The Eau Claire Improv Fest continued on Saturday, December 1st with a variety of local and touring improv comedy events around Eau Claire.

Eau Claire Improv Fest Friday: Memorial High School

photos by Jesse Johnson

On Friday, November 30 The Eau Claire Improv Fest started out the weekend at Memorial High School. The festival features a variety of local and touring improv comedy performances at several venues in Eau Claire. Groups performing include: Memorial High School Alumni Team, Titanic, Fresh Concepts, Chaos Lifeguard, and Funny, Son of Story.

Bringin' in the Vagabonds

Minneapolis jazz/blues group joins the CV Jazz Orchestra

Emily Anderson, photos by Jesse Johnson

The Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra (CVJO) kicks off its 2012-2013 season with a big performance at the State Theatre with special guest Davina and the Vagabonds. The Chippewa Valley Jazz Organization has been providing the Chippewa Valley ...

Where in Eau Claire?

scavenger hunt to benefit the Family Resource Center

Katelyn Hendren, photos by Jesse Johnson

For the first time ever, the Family Resource Center of Eau Claire County is hosting its “Where in Eau Claire” scavenger hunt. “We had a previous event that we did for several years but this year we wanted to choose a new main fundraising event ...

Valley Cat VI

photos by Jesse Johnson

EC Velo hosted Valleycat VI onSaturday, May 12 – a bike race/scavanger hunt through the city of Eau Claire.


real time art event returns to the State Theatre

Bailey Berg, photos by Jesse Johnson

You can go to any art gallery to see art and listen to jazz music, but how often is it that you get to see the work being created? liveART3 at The State Theatre will consist of a dozen area visual artists, each of whom is allotted an ...

Opening Shot | Feb. 9, 2012

photos by Jesse Johnson

This weather's for the dogs! Amiright?! On a chilly day in downtown Eau Claire in late January, a local pooch kept its kibble-n-bits warm via the latest in cold weather doggy wear.

7 Local Things We Miss - Menomonie Edition!

Allison Schrader, photos by Jesse Johnson

Menomonie, Wis. is a much different town than it was in 1986 when I was born – and way different than in 1953, when my dad was born. Let’s take a few minutes to think back to when Billy Ray was the most popular Cyrus. Some things that are missing ...

Skating By

Eau Claire plans several skateparks around the city

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Jesse Johnson

The skatepark idea really “got rolling” in October of 2006, when the city council and the Waterways & Parks Commission voted to start fundraising for a facility near Lakeshore Elementary.


jazz trio Adelyn Rose draws sound from Eau Claire scene

Cindal Heart, photos by Jesse Johnson

Eau Claire’s fresh-faced talent emerges in a three-piece jazz ensemble, making tidal waves of luscious sounds with their fair-weather vocals and docile sound.

Buddhism in the Valley

contemplating the local meditation scene

Amanda Schaefer, photos by Jesse Johnson

Breathe in (whoo), breathe out (whee) … clear your mind of all …Crap, I hope I remembered to turn my cell phone off.

New Venue?

Nate and Justin Vernon hope to renovate downtown building into cultural space

Nick Meyer, photos by Jesse Johnson

“The Vernons’ proposal was an opportunity for downtown to go for the home run instead of playing it safe with a single. ... There is a big upside for the community if this project is successful.” – Mike Schatz, EC Economic Development Administrator & RDA

Polo on Wheels (with pictures!)

group in Menomonie reintroducing bike polo

Betty Nikia, photos by Jesse Johnson

Bike polo has been making a comeback from the early 1900s through fixed gear culture and Christenson wanted to be a part of that resurgence.

It's Prime (Rib) Time

new Menomonie eatery tackles the meaty issues

Adam Rockwell, photos by Jesse Johnson

The new Sparx Restaurant in Menomonie would be best described as supper club meets sports bar ...


Jesse Johnson

No spleunking allowed, sorry.

Old Depot

Jesse Johnson

A menomonie relic stands tall, proud.

Spotlighting the Art Makers

Regional Arts Center puts art on stage with liveART 2

Bailey Berg, photos by Jesse Johnson

liveART consists of about 20 visual artists, each of whom will take the stage and over the course of five hours will be confined to their own personal eight-by-eight-foot “art studio,” and challenged to create their own unique piece of art


Jesse Johnson

An explosive sunset reveals banking delight!

Fire Lake

Jesse Johnson

Fireworks light up a local secret