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Northwoods All-Star Game

Harmon Killebrew and league’s best congregate in EC

Emily Diehl

If you’ve somehow missed out on attending an Eau Claire Express game so far this season, now is the most exciting time to come to Carson Park.

Betty Boop Festival Hits Wisconsin Rapids

Emily Diehl

The Betty Boop Festival in Wisconsin Rapids takes over the entire city for events like a Betty Boop Bash Party, an annual car show, Hollywood Archives Exhibit, art exhibit, and Betty Boop Revue.

Whale House Has New CD

Emily Diehl, photos by Leah Dunbar

A Menomonie duo recently released its debut CD. The disc is Cinquefoil and the band is Whale House, a slang reference to the ocean.

Glimpse | Eau Claire's Most Prolific Tweeter

Emily Diehl, photos by Andrea Paulseth

For some, Twitter is a way to constantly annoy. For others, it’s a way to keep a pulse on what’s going on. Local radio host Jimmie Kaska has been doing both.

Nature Valley Grand Prix

Menomonie hosts stop on huge, two-day bike ride

Emily Diehl

History will be made on June 20th in Menomonie, as a nationally-sponsored, highly-anticipated annual bike race enters the borders of Wisconsin for the very first time.

Kids Getting Hands Dirty in Big School Garden

Emily Diehl

DeLong Middle School is spicing things up. The Eau Claire school has a vegetable and herb garden, and they recently decided to double its size with help from Arts@Large.

The Evasive Hodag

local model enthusiast recreates folklorish WI creature

Emily Diehl

Ever since his parents gave him comic books about dinosaurs, monsters, and superheroes, Rob Mattison has loved creating models of them.

Community Strength Training

local leaders look at how to perfect public services

Emily Diehl

Through Alliance for Strong Communities, Eau Claire area leaders are looking to change how local government and schools use taxes to fund public projects.

Mabel Tainter Featured in Opera House Book

Emily Diehl

Not only has the Mabel Tainter been restored, but its features now grace the cover of the new book Encore! The Renaissance of Wisconsin Opera Houses.

Big Screen Madden

Emily Diehl

Micon Cinema is hosting free Madden 2010 tournaments in the lobby before each Packer game.

A Triathlon with a Roof

Emily Diehl, photos by Andrea Paulseth

On November 14, Gold's Gym will host their first annual indoor triathlon for people ages 13 and up.

Geoffrey Keezer

former local-turned jazz extraordinaire to tickle ivories

Emily Diehl

The State Theater is hosting a hometown jazz classic in which former local-turned jazz extraordinaire Geoffrey Keezer returns to wow the home crowd.

Tour d’Eau Claire

bicycle community event centers on messenger-style race

Emily Diehl, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Tour d’Eau Claire is more than a race; it’s a bicycle awareness event.

Dodgeball is coming

Emily Diehl

Eau Claire Parks and Recreation has added Dodgeball to their docket of activities.

48-Hour Video Project Goes All Kung-Fu on You

For those of you who have training to become a karate master ...

Emily Diehl

For those of you who have training to become a karate master, this is your chance to showcase those skills.