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Emily Kuhn


Emily Kuhn is a writer and mother of two in Eau Claire.

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Out of the Darkness

local author details the story of Eau Claire’s infamous ‘Cave Lady’

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As we learned when she was featured in this very magazine following the publication of her first book, Eau Claire author Jane Glenz enjoys digging for facts. In The Moore Family Secret, Glenz follows former ...

Growing a Community

Chippewa Chamber launches workforce attraction website

Emily Kuhn

Three months after launching a landing page that boasts the many benefits of living in Chippewa Falls, the Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its digital marketing ...

Track to the Future

donations let Altoona School District to revamp athletic complex

Emily Kuhn

Up to 2,000 spectators will be able to cheer on these athletes from new bleachers while enjoying a new entrance and ticketing area, new concessions facilities, and new restrooms. All of this will be part of Altoona High School’s new sports complex, where ...

In Times of Transition

healing place offers support services for those experiencing grief, much more

Emily Kuhn

If someone you knew was dealing with loss, like the death of a partner, a divorce, or chronic illness, how would you comfort them? You’d probably lend an ear if they needed someone to talk to, or a shoulder ...

Lice Avengers fight for folicle freedom

Business offers chemical-free treatment for itchy little critters

Emily Kuhn

The thought of an infestation makes my skin crawl. As I walked out of the Lice Avengers office about an hour later, however, I was breathing easy. Not only is Eau Claire now home to two knowledgeable professionals who can help you and your kids become lice-free in a single treatment (and stay that way), the treatment is chemical-free. Whew!

Feeding Hungry Kids of All Ages

Feed My People creates school-based food pantries, weekend meals programs to help students get the food they need

Emily Kuhn

According to Feed My People Food Bank, one in five children in west-central Wisconsin experience food insecurity. For some, this means that at times they don’t know where or when they will have their next meal.

Klinger Farm Market: A Fresh Take on Family Fun

Emily Kuhn

Klinger Farm Market in Chippewa Falls has been in business for more than a century. It is owned and operated by the fifth generation of Klingers, and, as manager/owner Mary Klinger stated, the market’s main focus is on family ...

Fabricating the Future in Altoona's Fab Lab

Emily Kuhn

To ensure the U.S. economy can remain competitive with a workforce trained in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), schools across the country are beefing up related programs – and the Altoona school district is no exception ...

Helping Those With Disabilities reach for a better life

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The first thing I noticed about Jesse was his smile. It was friendly, outgoing, and sincere, and it was offered to me – along with his hand to shake and an enthusiastic, “Hi! I’m Jesse!” ...

All Green Everything (the natural way)

your family can enjoy St. Patrick’s Day goodies without the nasty chemicals

Emily Kuhn

Whatever your reasons for avoiding artificial food coloring this St. Patrick’s Day – the ingredients, a desire to be healthier, or maybe even a challenge to see just how creative you can be ...

Finding Forever Families: the challenges and rewards of adoption

Emily Kuhn

Every day, Eau Claire resident Kristin Hakes proudly wears a necklace engraved with this poem, known as the Adoption Creed. For Kristin and her husband, Ben, the poem embodies their relationship with 2-year-old Steven, who they adopted as an infant from Louisiana.

New Nursing Nook offers haven in busy mall

Emily Kuhn

I remember one of my first trips to Oakwood Mall with my newborn son, Graham. He was just a few weeks old, and it was one of our first shopping trips together. I was nervous, wondering if I had planned nap time correctly, if he would protest the car ride or if he would suddenly decide ...

Sipping for Charity

painting and wine mix for fundraising event

Emily Kuhn

From 5 to 7:30pm on Sept. 3, Chippewa Valley residents are invited to Menomonie’s Cottage Winery for the Corks & Canvas Fundraising Event. The event is the first of its kind for The Arc of Dunn County, a Menomonie advocacy organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ...

Improbable Success

teachers’ book explores Wildlands School’s approach

Emily Kuhn

“The biggest difference between what Wildlands Charter School does and what traditional schools do is this: Wildlands teaches you how to learn, how to develop your own abilities and how to do anything, while traditional schooling teaches you how to be a student.” ...

Not to Be Missed

Menomonie writer melds afterlife fantasy, YA lit

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Menomonie resident Michelle Reed got the idea for her first book when she and her husband were en route to a screenwriter’s conference in Los Angeles in 2006. She had been listening to “Leave” by Barenaked Ladies, which lead singer Ed Robertson wrote after his brother died in a motorcycle accident ...

Backgammon On a Roll

UWEC hosts inaugural tourney for ancient game

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Despite the ease with which you can play games like Solitaire, Mah Jong, and even Candy Crush on computers and mobile devices, there continues to be an interest in competing against live opponents on physical board games around a table ...

Feelin’ Saucy: The Valley's hot new edible

from Chip Valley Salsa Co. comes Bulldog Hot Sauce, GMO-free – and hot

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Bulldog Hot Sauce owner Alexis Lucas says her hot sauce is named after her husband, Jim, who is known to family and friends as a “bulldog” in the kitchen. However, I suspect that anyone who meets Alexis will see her as a bit of a bulldog as well ...

Troubled Water

change needed to improve the Red Cedar Watershed

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In the Netherlands, watersheds are considered such a vital part of life that local governments are organized around them, rather than by cities and counties. Watersheds are just as important to life here in the Valley, yet many of us aren’t ...

Through the Front Door

the newly planned gateway to Chippewa’s downtown

Emily Kuhn

“We’re not just doing it to make a park. We’re doing it so the park will stimulate other property owners to invest in properties and do other things, and that’s what we’re seeing now.” – Chippewa Falls City Planner Jayson Smith

Watch Your Ash

how to prepare and prevent the spread of Emerald Ash Borer

Emily Kuhn, Trevor Kupfer

We have 28,815 publicly managed trees in the city, and 32 percent of them are ash. That’s 9,000 trees (on top of an estimated 30,000 more on private property). So we stand to lose nearly 40,000 trees in Eau Claire alone.

Cat Claws: a Head Scratcher

looking into the debate on declawing felines

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As the owner of two cats, I experienced firsthand the angst that some cat owners feel when trying to decide whether declawing them is the right thing to do: How painful is it? When should you do it? And most importantly, is it really akin to

Bridging the Gap

how a city known for its bridges lost its luster

Emily Kuhn, photos by V1 Staff & Contributors , Andrea Paulseth

“Bridges have always been critical to Eau Claire. There’s a nostalgia, a history to them. … Now, I see those aesthetics coming back ...” – EC Public Works Director Brian Amundson

It's All Coming Back

local boomeranger helps U.S. win world title

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire resident and boomerang thrower extraordinaire Dan Johnson recently returned from Rome, where he competed in the World Boomerang Championship.

Local Youths Need Musicians as Mentors

Emily Kuhn

The Boys & Girls Club of the Greater Chippewa Valley launched a program this year called Music Makers, which pairs community musicians with club participants and teaches them how to play musical instruments.


online museum project chronicles regional culture

Emily Kuhn, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“If you’ve gone tubing at FATFAR, write about it. If you saw a celebrity down at The Joynt, write about it.” – CVM Editor Frank Smoot on the broad range of topics ChippePedia.org will include

Nine Hours of Bluegrass at Burger King

Emily Kuhn

The Burger King on the corner of London and Golf roads in Eau Claire is slated to be the site of a marathon nine-hour bluegrass jam session.

The Super at Acoustic

Heilmann invites you to coffee

Emily Kuhn

Have you ever had a question to ask your school board but weren’t able to attend an official meeting?

Booked Up

annual book fest mixes local and national writers

Emily Kuhn

For the 10th year in a row, the Chippewa Valley Book Festival will bring authors from around the world to share their experiences with Chippewa Valley residents.

International Folk Footwork

local folk dancers host 30th anniversary dance workshop

Emily Kuhn

Have you ever wanted to impress your friends with your unique dancing skills, but you’ve never found the right opportunity – or time – to perfect them?

Parents Pen Book: Ready or Not … They’re Gay

a local couple writes a book about their sons coming out

Emily Kuhn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“We spent eight years seeing people suffer ... because they shielded that piece of them. ... The more involvement we had in that community, the more we saw a need for something like this.”

Washing the Wastewater

a fascinating trip into the world of local sewage

Emily Kuhn, illustrated by Beth Czech, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Last year, the City of Eau Claire’s Wastewater Treatment Plant treated 2.06 million gallons of your, um, used water.

Register for Chalkfest!!!

Chalkfest will be back in August ...

Emily Kuhn, photos by Jesse Johnson

Looking for a way to jazz up your summer – or at least a good-sized hunk of concrete in downtown Eau Claire? Add a little color to your life at Chalkfest ...