Klinger Farm Market: A Fresh Take on Family Fun

Emily Kuhn |

Klinger Farm Market in Chippewa Falls has been in business for more than a century. It is owned and operated by the fifth generation of Klingers, and, as manager/owner Mary Klinger stated, the market’s main focus is on family, as well. “If we’re doing something, we try to think of families – will the kids like this? Will the parents like this? Will this be a neat experience for everyone?” said Mary, who has worked at the market her entire life. “We try to keep what we do more family-oriented. That’s my priority.” Klinger Farm Market’s 18 greenhouses help ensure that the market has something to offer the whole family year-round, including a corn maze and themed activities in the fall, Christmas trees in the winter, seeds and gardening supplies in the spring, and perennials and freshly picked produce through the summer. According to Mary, what they cannot grow they try to buy locally. The produce they do grow is picked fresh daily, and every family member has his or her own niche in the operations of the market.  “Our goal is (to be) a one-stop shop of sorts. You can come and walk around, visit the petting zoo, play on the playground, get flowers, get veggies to grill, all in one place,” Mary said. “It can be a family experience, not just a shopping experience.”

Klinger Farm Market • 12756 132nd St., Chippewa Falls • (715) 288-6348 • klingerfarmmarket.com