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The Prairie Enthusiasts

volunteer-run group nurtures fire-dependent ecosystems

Carrie Weiss

Less than 250 years ago, elk and bison roamed the Chippewa Valley where, according to Bill Hogseth, they had more than 7 million acres of prairie and oak savanna to call home. Since settlement, those ecosystems have dwindled to less than 10,000 acres.


unfinished Dickens novel a choose-your-own stage adventure

Carrie Weiss

According to The Dickens Fellowship, only half of Dickens’ final work, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, had been published in monthly installments at the time of his death. The unknown ending to this murder mystery has tortured Dickens’ enthusiasts ever since.

Local-ish Pizza Farm Guide

Carrie Weiss, photos by Drew Kaiser

Take a short drive to one of these fantastic pizza farms, where many of the toppings are grown right there.

Hip-hop and B-boy Association's Debut Event

Carrie Weiss

On July 14 at DeLong Middle School, local breakdancers the Floor Dusters Crew are teaming up with the Eau Claire Hip-Hop and B-Boy/B-Girl Association to put on the Valley’s first official b-boy jam, Lay Da Breaks.

Local-ish Pizza Farm Guide

Carrie Weiss

Take a short drive to one of these fantastic pizza farms, where many of the toppings are grown right there.

Wheeling the Dirt

local off-road cycling group gets active with local trails

Carrie Weiss, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Chippewa Off-Road Bike Association is an organization of cyclists whose purpose is actually recycling.

Frankenstein Crew Heads to Fringe Fest

Carrie Weiss

Chapter 13 Productions, the theater company that brought an original version of Frankenstein to the Heyde Center last fall, will take to the road this summer.

Shooters not just for Strippin' but also Rockin'

Carrie Weiss

In economic duress, businesses try new angles to both lighten the mood and generate revenue. Shooters Showgirls will open its basement this month to become a live music venue.

Singing Little Women

Carrie Weiss

If you've always wanted to see Little Women as a Broadway musical, this is the show for you.

Pecking Away at Convention

Carrie Weiss

“E-CLUCK” stands for Eau Claire Leaders for Urban Chicken Keeping. The group is still in its infancy – more of a discussion than an organization ...

Jazzed in the Valley

premiere performance planned for new jazz orchestra

Carrie Weiss

On February 20, a brand new jazz ensemble called the Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra wants to bring jazz like it hasn’t been brought before.

UWEC Players Stage New Original Show

Carrie Weiss

Determinism and the news are the two motifs embodied by the UWEC Players’ current project, CJ Krueger’s Because of Poppy Weisz.

Rockin' and-a Outreachin'

Carrie Weiss

Memorial High School’s International Outreach Club will make both a local and an international impact through one unique event.

Local Film: Siren’s Song

Scottish folklore inspires local filmmakers debut

Carrie Weiss

Siren’s Song is a modern version of a Scottish siren legend in which a seaman betrays his young lover ...

FEATURE: A Throw of the Dice

The Stone's Throw's live music legacy and revolving door of owners

Carrie Weiss, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In 30 years the music establishment most commonly known as The Stone’s Throw has weathered changes beyond music trends; it has had more than nine owners or operators, each experiencing successes and failures before ultimately closing the doors.

A Memorable Production

UWEC Players’ completely original play Candid

Carrie Weiss

Memories materialize in Candid, the newest production from student theater group, the UWEC Players.

Theatrical All-Nighter

UWEC group stages 24 hour theatre challenge

Carrie Weiss

The 10- to 15-minute productions will start 24 hours after the plawrights began writing.

EAT SCENE: Dine Local

several restauranteurs look to local producers for ingredients

Carrie Weiss, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“It takes more time than opening a catalog and going, ‘OK, we’ll take a case of this ...'"

Making the Connection

plan may bring multimodal transport options to Valley

Carrie Weiss

Plans by the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative promises only to “consider” service to the area.

Art-Crawling Through Banbury Place

Banbury Place artists band together for event

Carrie Weiss, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“Building 13 is more the artist-type personality ... they just seem to gel a little bit better."

Art Crawl at Banbury Place

glass artists Laurie Bieze, Adam Fuller organize event

Carrie Weiss

On the first weekend in February, 25 local visual artists will fill historic Banbury Place ...

Blues Clues Live

dramatic detective dog scampers into State Theatre

Carrie Weiss

Here comes that cotton candy-blue colored dog ...

Pedaling through the Snow

Carrie Weiss

Menomonie cyclists are putting a fresh twist on old holiday traditions this year.

Relative Inspiration

Menomonie author pens youth book series

Carrie Weiss, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Bjornson used her nephew’s tales as a model to build her book series “Jesse and Cash.”

International Tension

activist, historian, and novelist Tariq Ali to talk Pakistan

Carrie Weiss

Radical activist, historian, and novelist, Tariq Ali, will appear at UW-Eau Claire ...

Found Footage Festival

local duo discovers a whole new batch of hysterical clips

Carrie Weiss

Found Footage Festival will grace Eau Claire with yet another outrageous cinematic experience.

Bird Is the Word

local columnist pens bird-watching book

Carrie Weiss, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“I’d rather have a live wolverine duct-taped to my face than do one of those things again.”

Seeds of Deception

Smith discusses dangers of genetically engineered foods

Carrie Weiss

Shawn Colvin

‘Sunny Came Home’ songwriter back on tour with These Four Walls

Carrie Weiss

A Sense of Community

new campus media group blogs, videos, broadcasts

Carrie Weiss

“We’re getting it up to speed and we’re turning it into a virtual community ... "

Healthy Reading

hospital’s library provides abundance of medical info

Carrie Weiss

“I’d say the most important resource we have for the community and patients is the expertise.”

The Jail: What Happens Now

special committee to restart halted jail expansion

Carrie Weiss, photos by Jeremy Gragert

“We have to come to this meeting with the notion that basically this is an open book.”