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Fanfare for Forgotten Veterans

Chippewa Falls poet’s two volumes focus on PTSD, Vietnam experience

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Consider, for a moment (and may that moment stretch like your shadow in the day’s decline), humanity’s affinity for armed conflict. Consider, too, its reluctance to attend to the fragmented aftermath beyond hollow slogans ...

Nothing Really Mattress: A new Distant Friends album for dark times

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s not every band who can claim a “cease and desist” order from Lucasfilm as part of its history, but Eau Claire’s power-pop / “no coast” surf punks Distant Friends can. In 2016, the group, then known ...

Can't Keep a Good Song Down

releasing She Do Voodoo’s unpublished album

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sometimes we get lucky: we find a $20 bill in a jeans pocket, the doctor tells us test results came back negative, or we are allowed a second chance to make good on a youthful dream ...

Keep Your Defenses Up

new group Stare Across comes with major heaviness

Andrew Patrie

The bar is milling with people out on a warm, mid-May Tuesday night, so we (bassist Jackson McMahon, guitarist Rich Till, and drummer Joseph Gunderson) follow Tony Stamm (vocals) ...

Calling Our Youth

Andrew Patrie

We buzz from the barroom / and feel the earth’s spin / in every sidewalk step / western wildfires / tint our downtown moon / the yellow of a smoker’s fingers / so we catch our breath ...

Venison to Rock Again at Decadent Cabaret 2016

Andrew Patrie

The words of poet Donald Justice, in his poem “On an Anniversary” come to mind: “(Twenty five) years go by / In the blinking of an eye / And you are still the same / As when first you took (that) name,” that name, that divine, delicious name: Venison.

Three Chords and a Dream

nothing else to do? well, form a band of course

Andrew Patrie

Friday nights you could find us, a murder of magpies, flocked atop a bus bench, late enough for the routes to have stopped running, not yet late enough for curfew to make of us a curiosity, across from 2 S. Barstow Street. No longer a physical space today – and known in its last incarnation as the “mural building” ...

Song After Song

scene veterans continue to shape the Chippewa Valley soundscape

Andrew Patrie

As music scenes grow, musicians come and musicians go; however, certain acts and artists endure through the alchemy of timing, tenacity, and talent. They exhibit a certain quality, like fine wine or good literature, that distinguishes their sound from the rest, simultaneously ...

Metalhead Gone Solo

ex-Megalodon guitarist softens it up on new EP

Andrew Patrie

Eight years ago, Corey Glanville wasn’t even out of puberty. I’m looking now at the article, which appeared in the March 27, 2007, issue of Volume One, on his short-lived, yet hugely influential (at least by Eau Claire metal-core standards) band Megalodon, ...

A Little Lighter

Sarah Krueger’s newest LP shines with unique voice, impressive supporting cast

Andrew Patrie

It has been three years since Duluth-based (Eau Claire-born) Sarah Krueger’s debut full length Dancing with Phantoms twined listeners ‘twixt the tension of fixed and floating, with a cache of songs conceptually coalesced around the evocative ...

Caveat, No Expectations

metal group gains traction, keeps pop senses

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Once, as a kid, I rode along with a friend and his father to the dump and traipsed among the refuse, the snuffed light of memories, and, overwhelmed by the fickle rapacity of human appetite, felt the familiarity of the world fall away amidst ...

Still On the Road

a new album and a big anniversary for the Drunk Drivers

Andrew Patrie

“It’s my son’s first tackle football game today,” says the drummer known as Chicken (real name Chris Weise) beneath his omnipresent Green Bay Packers ball cap, “and I’m missing it to go play rock ’n’ roll. Yeah, Father of the Year, for sure.”

Retaking the Stage

after long gap, North HS revives musical theater

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

North High School Theater “saved” me … on the Advanced Placement Literature exam. Our teacher, Mr. Sampson, had us read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights twice (once over the summer!) as both were books that could be used to answer over a decade’s ...

Getting to Know picard

new Eau Claire group unleashes first full length

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I am sitting in the living room of Jason Ulwelling (better known as Skwerlz). Flanking him are various members of his new project, called picard: guitarists Eric Giardina and Rick St. Germaine, drummers Brad Hanson and Cory Dahl (not present) ...

For the Love of the Game

DIY Daisy supersizes its raw rock on new record

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The creepy kids from down the block may have grown up a bit, got themselves jobs, but don’t let those clip-on ties fool you; they’re (still) plenty capable of making mayhem and mischief. Do It Yourself Daisy are back with a new full-length ...

Wintersun for Summer Fun

Finnish death metal band headlines night at The Oxford

Andrew Patrie

Eau Claire Uprising has done it again. The hometown collective, whose mission is to attract touring metal acts to our area and advance the profiles of local metal artists, who first found prominence by booking legendary Polish death metallers ...

Dracula vs. Dad

bridging the father-son divide, one horror film at a time

Andrew Patrie, illustrated by Luke Benson

I got lippy with my father once (well, more than once) in high school, and he chased me half a block through our neighborhood before tackling me onto the Thompsons’ boulevard ...

High Concept

Our Judgment returns with ferocious second album

Andrew Patrie

Sophomore years tend to suck. Cocky and callow, it’s a tough grade to teach. As a college student, I found myself in the proverbial slump, raw and disconnected from my peers, Propagandhi’s “Middle Finger Response” caterwauling in my brain on ...

Welcome to Sawdust City

Arms Aloft officially releases new record after 53-day tour

Andrew Patrie, photos by Christine  Lortie

Some artists are so damn humble; they just get up, get out, and get done, forget about hanging on to any kind of hype. It’s left to those of us wandering in creation’s wake to shout their praise. Arms Aloft is one of those bands, and the chorus ...

Sipping Zepaltas

former local and successful winemaker returns home

Andrew Patrie

California wine-maker Ryan Zepaltas is an Eau Claire boy at heart having grown up here, shredded many a bank parking lot with his skateboard, spun records for seminal alt-art rockers Three Liter Hit, and obtained a degree in ...

Letters From Earth

local rockers embark on a recording adventure

Andrew Patrie, photos by Greg Bauwens

Despite the assertion of religious types to the contrary, the universe lacks a P.O. Box. Yet that hasn’t stopped us from motioning our missives to the moon and beyond as signals ...

A Plethora of Deathcore

nationally touring metal bands to stop in Eau Claire

Andrew Patrie

I am as susceptible to labels as the next dude. So it was that, circa 2003, I approached The Black Dahlia Murder’s Unhallowed debut with no small amount of trepidation. Before I’d heard a single chord, some friend of mine blighted the band: “Man ...

Arms Aloft

top-shelf punk band’s long-awaited full-length

Andrew Patrie

Sunrise some March morning commute, fingers skimming static stations, a graying field of voices scratching windy phrases suddenly choked by the light of song and I am soon warming in the afterglow. I cannot wait for the usual, customary courtesy ...

Lifting the Curse

Desolatevoid’s years of bad luck (hopefully) end here

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

2012 (incredibly!) marks the 10-year anniversary of Desolatevoid. And if 2012 ends up auguring the downfall of humanity, you won’t find one hair upon their disheveled heads out of place. In fact, it would be par for the curse. In what may be ...

Dancing with Phantoms

Chippewa Valley native Sarah Krueger’s debut LP

Andrew Patrie

Every time I hear Sarah Krueger’s voice, I get the distinct feeling that my feet are lifting, if only just a little, from the ground I am standing upon. I know gravity remains that most tenacious of tethers, but that’s the power of art...

Double the Metal Shows: Decapitated & Blackguard

Andrew Patrie

25 years ago, on September 27, Metallica bassist Cliff Burton was killed when the tour bus transporting the band hit a patch of ice and flipped, and a devastated generation of metalheads had to ponder their own mutable relationship with mortality.

Sounds of a Fallen Echo

long-time metal musician goes solo

Andrew Patrie

Sounds of a Fallen Echo is Eau Claire native Eric Giardina’s solo effort (out August 9), following stints in No Loving Place, Black Flood Diesel, Nameless Feeling, and Senza.

LISTEN: Fall For Glory

a new lineup, EP, and tour for Fall For Glory

Andrew Patrie, photos by ContributedPhoto 

My first impression, after checking to make sure nothing was broken upon being blindsided, was can this really be the same band who gave us 2009s, occasionally brilliant but more often tepid, Pressin’ On EP?

Wisconsin Gangster Guide

local paranormal author/investigator goes gangster on us

Andrew Patrie

The man who made his name as a seeker of things that go bump in the night is about to exhume the pasts of people who could bump you off. Chad Lewis is returning to the region with tales that tread the realm of the natural despite his predilection...

More Mors Mortis Machinatio!

killer metal lineup also includes Purge and Desolatevoid

Andrew Patrie

Oh, man, Mors Mortis is back! When word spread of their (indefinite?) hiatus over a year ago, I was profoundly bummed. See, I was a little late to the party. When people mentioned the band name to me, I always pictured Meatballs.

A Breed Unknown

fast-rising Eau Claire metal band releases EP

Andrew Patrie

“Chug-chug-chugchug-chug-chug-scree!!” is as familiar to metal maniacs as John Williams’ score for Jaws is to beach bunnies. And on A Breed Unknown’s new EP, Afterlife, you can rest assured that not one ounce of beer will be lost...

Eau Claire Uprising

a local effort to promote metal shows and happenings

Andrew Patrie, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Is metal in need of a savior? On a global scale I remember reading how Gojira were going to save death metal and Enforcer were going to save traditional heavy metal, even though both styles have been doing just fine.

LISTEN: Do It Yourself Daisy

idiosyncratic duo delivers debut garage rock album

Andrew Patrie, photos by Zachary Oliphant

The album’s construction hearkens back to the days of vinyl, where sides A and B built up tension before release and resetting again. Each song is distinct from its predecessor, yet startlingly cohesive.

Dirty Rotten Imbeciles

front runners of American hardcore to rock House of Rock

Andrew Patrie

Satanic Panic

when I was a kid in the 80s, I was certain cults were out to get me

Andrew Patrie, illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

By 1988, I was convinced Satanic cults were prowling the neighborhood. My eyes scoured the skeletal trees dotting the wooded embankment behind my house for the pumpkin glow of circle fires unfurling into the night.


Montreal metalheads on tap for big House of Rock show

Andrew Patrie

When DRI takes the stage, we have a tantalizing wayside stop in the shape of Montreal’s Blackguard.

Our Judgment

teen metal band releases impressive EP

Andrew Patrie

Admittedly, I might have taken a gander at their pubescent and glossy MySpace photo and dismissed them with a “meh” anyway.

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

Pennsylvanian thrashers lead four-band metal onslaught

Andrew Patrie

The resources of myth and fairy tale have long been tapped by acolytes of metal.


local metal act releases four-track rampage

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire’s Defenestrator has released a four-track, 12-minute lightning strike to your soft parts.

Huge Death Metal Showcase

House of Rock books four-band onslaught of sonic mayhem; Grandma displeased

Andrew Patrie

Ya like Bolt Thrower? Obituary? Cannibal Corpse? Then you’re gonna love Jungle Rot.

Fall For Glory

local punk band sets out on summer tour

Andrew Patrie, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“We definitely feed off the crowd, and when the crowd gets into it, we do as well. For most shows expect the crowd piling on stage for our last song.”

Split to Kill

local metal masters Desolatevoid release split album spanning two states

Andrew Patrie

“The next full length will be out sooner than later.” “It will be dark, it will be heavy, it will be Desolatevoid.” – Nick Carroll and Tim Smith on the LP release following their current split

Deadstar Assembly

Eau Claire drummer drums for popular industrial metal band

Andrew Patrie

"I recently sat down with newly acquired drummer Kriz D.K., an Eau Claire transplant, who has a sorta Rock Star story in terms of his admission into DSA’s ranks."

Mike Perry Flies On

sophomore album released by Amble Down Records

Andrew Patrie, photos by Drew Kaiser

“I observed Tim McGraw twirling in purple fog beneath a disco ball the size of a Volkswagen ... and on that day I realized country music might be … ummm … changing.”

The Darkness Looms

four ‘black metal’ bands to collide for night of noise

Andrew Patrie

By the grace of the metal gods, Goatwhore is coming to Eau Claire, and they're bringing along kindred malcontents Enfold Darkness as well as local ne’er-do-wells Desolatevoid and Purge the Woods.

Reinforced Metal

strong lineup (and a demo) emerges in local metal crew Silenize

Andrew Patrie, photos by Frank H. Robinson

“I discovered (Nate) singing karaoke in a bar, some Pantara song, or was it Pat Benatar?” – Silenize’s drummer, Greg, on discovering their guitarist/vocalist

UFO Armada

Andrew Patrie

Their sound is a return to roots – it truly captures a golden age in Eau Claire’s musical history.