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David Allan Coe

downtown EC Ramada snags country music superstar

Alex Galston

Unwind Gets Hot with Chill

Alex Galston

I was surprised when I put in the new DJ Unwind EP Far From Here and heard “chill” music coming out of my speakers instead of bass and beats and raps about a poorly knit sweater.

A Hard Drivin' Hoorah

Drunk Drivers, Jaggernauts finish the Back Stage Series

Alex Galston, photos by Mike O'Brien

Volume One and The State Theatre have saved the best for last with the Drunk Drivers and Jaggernauts.

Black and White Affair

local hip-hop favorites amp up annual show

Alex Galston

Eau Claire hip-hop perennial Frozen Tundra started The Black and White Affair three years ago with the idea that a show should be an experience – not just something in the background as you slam rail mixers.