A Hard Drivin' Hoorah

Drunk Drivers, Jaggernauts finish the Back Stage Series

Alex Galston, photos by Mike O'Brien |

One half of the Jaggernauts, shown here getting nauty.

In a season that has already had plenty of amazing shows, some may say it’s too close to call. I’ll admit that I’m biased – I love both of these bands – but I’ll throw it out there anyway … Volume One and The State Theatre have saved the best for last with the Drunk Drivers and Jaggernauts. Both bands have ruled Eau Claire’s hard rock scene for quite a while now (DD has five albums and two decades notched on the belt), and shouldn’t need any introduction. If for some odd reason you haven’t had a chance to see either of these hard-driving bands yet, make sure to get yourself down to the show and are prepared to be blown away by the suds-fueled rock-n-roll fury. Hell, even if you have seen them before, it was likely down at the House of Rock with an Old Style or Blatz in hand. But you’ve never seen them backstage at The State (they have beer, too, so don’t worry), where the awesome vibe of the space itself inspired the series. Though we may be saddened that the series’ debut season has come to a close, you can guarantee that the Drivers and Jaggernauts will end it with a bang and I’m told V1 and The State plan to revisit the Backstage next fall/winter.

Back Stage Concert Series: Drunk Drivers + The Jaggernauts • April 29 • The State Theatre stage door, 316 Eau Claire St. • 7pm • $5 • all ages • 552-0457 •