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Nature is ready for its close up

Aleksandra Velenchenko

It’s time to submit your very best(est) photos to the Beaver Creek Reserve for their annual nature photography contest. Contestants may enter up to ten photos each with a $2 fee per photo, while youth photographers pony up $1 per photo. Each photo...

Kubb makes Eau Claire one of the “coolest cities in the Midwest?”

Aleksandra Velenchenko, Mike Paulus

Eau Claire was neglected the first time around on MSN’s “coolest cities in the Midwest” list but after receiving loads of feedback, they decided to add us to the list (#5) – largely due to our designation as the “Kubb Capital of North America.”

FYI: April 27 is Neighborday

Aleksandra Velenchenko

It’s almost time to celebrate Neighborday – an up-and-coming nationwide celebration held the last Saturday in April, that will give you a good reason to get out of the house an out onto your (hopefully snow- free) lawns. This genius but ...

Blue Angels fly away from 2013 air show

Aleksandra Velenchenko

The Chippewa Valley Airshow will be without one of its biggest acts for their 2013 installment, scheduled for September 7-8. The US Navy Blue Angels announced Monday night that, due to budget uncertainties and its impact on military ...

3 Minutes: Take the Pinehurst Project Survey

Aleksandra Velenchenko

The Pinehurst Project is currently in their planning stage. As many of you are aware, the proposed changes to Pinehurst Park include rebuilding, reconstructing, and reinventing the former ski hill to create a site where residents of the ...

Wine and Whimsy workshop mixes paint and vino

Aleksandra Velenchenko

The Eau Claire Regional Arts Council is holding the first ever “paint and wine night.” Wine and Whimsy is a two-hour art workshop that – for $35 dollars – provides you with not only a paint brush but a glass of wine. And snacks. According to ...

The ARTmobile needs gas money!

Aleksandra Velenchenko

A less expensive (and less explosive) rendition of the BATmobile is once again on its way to Eau Claire. The ARTmobile is a mobile art classroom that was created in 2012. This artsy car moves around to different locations in Eau Claire ...

Music helps kids become smarter adults, says science

Aleksandra Velenchenko

Playing music is healthy for you! What some may have believed to be a musical myth, may actually have some evidence behind it. According to NewScientist Life magazine, not to mention some handy MRI scans, children who are involved in music at ...

Milwaukee amongst nation's top "Art Places?"

Aleksandra Velenchenko

Wisconsin may have a diamond in the rough for art appreciators. According to the Journal Sentential, Milwaukee was named one of America’s top 12 “ArtPlaces” of today by the aptly named organization ArtPlace. ArtPlace provides grants for projects ...