Sculpting a Future

graduating studio art majors face artful challenges

Thu. May. 8th, 2008  |  Trevor Kupfer

“All of the people I know that make a living making art do it because they can’t see themselves doing anything else.” – local artist Laurie Bieze

Realistic Bites

Compassionate Carnivore writer promotes practical meat-eating

Thu. May. 8th, 2008  |  Abi Zimmer

“Becoming a conscientious carnivore is about building relationships, not about finding the cheapest steak raised on grass.” – author Catherine Friend

Deciduous Loss

a botanical tragedy reveals local arbor issues

Thu. May. 8th, 2008  |  Eric Rasmussen

I have some bad news. Maybe I should have talked about it when the leaves of this tragedy were newly fallen, but the sap was still too fresh. At this point, we’ve raked away the remaining twigs of our pain, and new bark has overgrown our wounds.

King of My Jungle

some unexpected practice in at-home varmint control

Thu. Apr. 24th, 2008  |  Mike Paulus

I slowly pulled out the drawer inch by inch, assuming that, at any moment, this mouse would bolt back out and launch into the air, its leprosy-coated claws akimbo, only to land upon my face and scratch off my lips.

Underdog Appeal Overrated

don’t forget straight up excellence when applauding your Cinderella stories

Thu. Apr. 24th, 2008  |  Luc Anthony

I never properly appreciated the Chicago Bulls’ run of success in the 1990s, and, in particular, the unique quality of Michael Jordan.

Retiring Minds

Susan Thurin, friends collaborate to create retirement book

Thu. Apr. 24th, 2008  |  Molly Wendtland

Thurin, a retired English professor from UW-Stout, says she was going through a difficult time several years ago, and wanted a project to occupy her mind.

Bending the Circuits

local rocker crafts custom guitar pedals, sound

Thu. Apr. 24th, 2008  |  Ian Jacoby

"It really started as a hobby. There was a little interest on a local level, but mainly I was just trying to fund myself so I could make more stuff that I could use in my own music." - pedal maker / entrepreneur Ben Hinz

Brand New Wisconsin

department of tourism reimagines state image

Thu. Apr. 24th, 2008  |  Jon Gilbertson

"Very original in their thinking, it's the passionate nature of our people to create fun, to express themselves, and to feel more comfortable doing it here than anywhere else." - Wisconsin Tourism Secretary Kelli Trumble

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