Issue #179 June 9th, 2011

Nature Valley Grand Prix

huge bike race rushes back to downtown Menomonie

Brett Bachman, photos by Leah Dunbar

The Nature Valley Grand Prix is a five-day stage race that traditionally takes bicycle racers all over Minnesota, and features some of the top competitors from all over the world.

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Issue #177 May 12th, 2011

Menomonie Regatta

speedy boat race zooming towards Lake Menomin

Brett Bachman

Outboard hydroplane racing has gained fame over the last decade in suburbia with the popular video game Hydro Thunder. In arcades all over the country, preteens love to cruise at outrageous speeds in tiny virtual boats all over the waterways...

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Issue #175 April 14th, 2011

Junior Links

a great opportunity to get youths involved in golf

Matt Ledger

The re-tooled Chippewa Valley Golf Association Junior Tour is only in its second year, but those involved believe it’s on track for greatness. Which is easy to see given the low price and great courses...

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Issue #175 April 14th, 2011

Local Fishing Gear

believe it or not, great tackle is made right in our backyard

Sarah Dobs

Shorty Mueller custom makes wooden rod handles for any kind of fishing possible: muskie rods, bass rods, fly rods, carp rods, etc. Get your order in for his custom-made rods by calling ...

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Issue #175 April 14th, 2011

Weekend Getaway Adventure Spots

four highly recommended locales outside the Chippewa Valley for recreation hounds

Brett Bachman

The warm weather is almost here (god willing), and that means a few specific things for Wisconsin residents. The floods of melted snow will begin, sunscreen sales will begin to skyrocket ...

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Issue #170 Feb. 3rd, 2011

Ice, Ice Boating

local father and daughter warm up to chilly sport

Ice boats are equipped with runners that skate over the ice three to four times the speed of the wind. After a short push, the sail catches the wind and the ice boat quickly takes off. Reaching speeds of 70 mph (some ice boats can top 100 mph).

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Issue #167 Dec. 16th, 2010

Pedal Like Hell

local cyclist brings popular race event to Valley bars

David Smuhl, photos by Liz Felder

“The races have become an international phenomenon in recent years, but until recently there was a void in Wisconsin for people interested in giving them a shot.”

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Issue #162 October 7th, 2010

Skating By

Eau Claire plans several skateparks around the city

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Jesse Johnson

The skatepark idea really “got rolling” in October of 2006, when the city council and the Waterways & Parks Commission voted to start fundraising for a facility near Lakeshore Elementary.

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