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ROOTING FOR YOU: New Campaign to Spread Elm, Oak, and Love

Down to Earth Garden Center starts ‘Plant the Valley’ campaign, promoting planting new trees

Kelly Carlson |

MARK YOUR CALENDAR, YOU'VE GOT PLANTS. Local garden center recently launched the
MARK YOUR CALENDAR, YOU'VE GOT PLANTS. A local garden center recently launched its "Plant the Valley" campaign in hopes of planting 2,500 trees in the area by this fall. (Photo via Facebook)

Many agree that celebrating and caring for the Earth deserves more attention than just one day per year. Now, Down to Earth Garden Center (6025 Arndt Lane, Eau Claire) presents an opportunity for continuous Earth support with its “Plant the Valley” campaign, which launched in early April and aims to get 2,500 trees planted.

From April to Nov. 1, individuals and businesses are encouraged to plant trees throughout the Valley by either purchasing trees for their own use or by donating trees to local businesses. With all deciduous options – Maple, Oak, Willows, Crab Apple, Elm, and more – ranging in price and size, respectively $100-$400 – there are plenty of opportunities to spruce up the area!

“Energy savings, cooling, health benefits – (there’s) a lot of benefits for having more trees in the area, especially with all of the new developments and housing going on. There’s lots of room for more trees,” said Benjamin Polzin, co-owner of Down to Earth. “(Our goal is to) get as many trees planted within the Valley as possible.”

Progress as of April 23.
Progress as of April 23.

Any tree of any size bought will count towards the campaign, and, for every 150 trees bought, an additional one will be donated and planted by Down to Earth. Where they will be planted will be decided towards the end of the campaign.

If you are from outside the Valley, you’re still able to buy and donate trees to businesses in the area. If you’re unable to buy a tree, you can still support the cause by buying a T-shirt, sweatshirt, or other swag at Down to Earth.

Dig into the “Plant the Valley” Campaign by visiting Down to Earth at 6025 Arndt Lane, Eau Claire, or learning more online: downtoearthgardencenter.com.