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Party Planner Extraordinaire: Eau So Fun Parties Open for Business

Angie Underwood does all the planning, you do all the partying

Carlee Shimek |

EAU SO FUN, EAU SO EASY. Angie Underwood wants your kiddos to have a great party, without you having to stress. (Submitted Photos)

Do you want a fun and exciting party without the stress of planning it? Well, look no further than Eau So Fun Parties, a brand new party planning business created by Angie Underwood of Eau Claire. 

Originally from South Dakota, Underwood moved to Eau Claire in 2008 with her husband. They now have three young boys. After working in accounting for about a decade, Underwood decided in April 2020 to start her own business from the ground up, and party planning seemed like the obvious option. 

“I’ve had a very big extended family growing up, and I loved the get-togethers that we did, so it’s kind of been a passion of mine,” said Underwood. “Also, I’ve always had on my bucket list to own my own business, so I tried combining the two and creating a business out of that.” 

After managing the logistics of starting her own business, including taking an entrepreneurship class, registration, earning a license, renting out a headquarters, and taking a food management course, Underwood was ready to provide her party expertise to the folks of Eau Claire.

All customers need to do is contact her about planning a party of their choice, and Underwood will do everything else: buy food and decorations, plan activities, send invitations, guide guests through the day of fun, and even clean up afterward.

Of course, any specifics you desire Underwood accommodates; it’s your party, 

Underwood simply makes the experience even better with her assistance. 

“When I’m putting a party together,” said Underwood, “I really think about the experience that the end-user is going to have and all the memories they’re going to make and that’s just very rewarding to me to be a part of that.”

Underwood’s party planning mind is open for any party – and she means any party: birthdays, baby showers, graduation parties, anniversaries, holiday-themed ones like Halloween or Fourth of July, bridal showers, celebrations of life, gender reveal parties, even dog birthday parties. If you can think of a party, Eau So Fun Parties will plan it to perfection.

“My goal is to make it feel like home,” she said. “Like that family place where you just have so much fun, where you’re going to come out of it with some great memories and some great experiences.”

Underwood’s headquarters is at 2230 Eastridge Center in Eau Claire. She is ecstatic about combining her technical mindset and her creative mindset to plan a celebration that will be held close to your heart and memories for years to come.

To contact Eau So Fun Parties for their services, go to or find them on Facebook.