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Start a Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever been on a book hunt?

Rebecca Mennecke |

Every year since I was a wee little young’un, my mom would organize an elaborate “book hunt” on Christmas Eve, where she would hide an assortment of books wrapped in holiday-themed paper for us kiddos to find.

Though this holiday season might be a little different as a result of the – well, you-know-what – don’t let social distancing or pandemic worries eliminate your holiday cheer, and start your own (safe) holiday scavenger hunt! You can special order books from  Dotters Books or Bookends on Main to support indie bookstores through the holiday season while spreading holiday joy to your own family.

If books aren’t really your thing, don’t fret! You can substitute literally anything that brings you joy for this fun holiday tradition: local snacks, cheerful games, local art, records of your favorite tunes, coffee grounds from local coffee shops, mugs – you name it! Happy holidays!