Basil Wyndthorp’s Set to Rock at Food Truck Friday

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Adam Smith |

Basil Wyndthorp’s – or the Spring Valley-based “little adventurous food truck that could” – will hit up Food Truck Friday this year with their pulled pork Mac-N-Cheese on a bun, the Cuban, and their newest food item: Mole Flautas, which are deep-fried tacos. But, there’s “a whole slew of new stuff” that the owner of Basil Wyndthorp’s, John Betchkal, said he’s working on. With “a little charm and a drizzle of crazy,” this food truck began after Betchkal’s work at Rossi’s Steakhouse, which is now Hell’s Kitchen, Macaroni Grill, and Redstone Grill. “I wanted to have my own business where I could come up with a product and service that was unpredictable,” Betchkal said. “That’s why I call it the Mystical Flavor Safari. I have a background in the grocery business, a theater, and business background as well – I wanted to always incorporate that kind of flare and dare to my little food truck that could.” Betchkal first built the food truck in 2015 and drove it down to the Wynwood area of Miami, Florida, in 2016. “I did that because I wanted to do something that would scare me,” Betchkal said. “Something about driving that old junky truck down to Miami and serving out of it at these new upcoming breweries sounded exciting and kind of nuts, so why not just jump (in) and see what could happen? That’s where the rock meets the roll.” You may know Basil Wyndthorp’s from UFO Days in Elmwood or the Barron and Menomonie Farmers Markets. 

Basil Wynthorp’s  • (612) 845-9968

Volume One’s Food Truck Friday event series – presented in partnership with Silver Spring Foods – kicks off its second season on Friday, May 3, along the Great Lawn in downtown Eau Claire’s Phoenix Park. Each month from May to September, as many as 10 food, snack, and drink establishments will open for business for lunch and dinner (11am-7pm), providing the opportunity to sample and feast upon the work of multiple mobile chefs. To learn more, visit the Food Truck Friday website at