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SOUNDS LIKE BUMMER? A Quick Update on Our Annual Summer Concert Series

V1 Staff, photos by Adam Smith

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, you may be wondering about Volume One’s Sounds Like Summer Concert Series. The concerts – which typically bring nearly 2,000 people to Phoenix Park to enjoy local music, food, and community every Thursday throughout the summer ...

Opening Shot | Oct. 30, 2019

photos by Adam Smith

ONE LAST LEAFY LOOK. The leaves of the Chippewa Valley’s trees changed fast these past few weeks, so here’s one last look at the Eau Claire River before all the yellows and greens shifted to the more dignified rusty brown we see today.

Dhimiters Gets Saucy at Food Truck Friday

V1 Staff, photos by Adam Smith

Dhimiters gyros began with a trip Vangjel Kapbardhi took to Germany. Kapbardhi stopped at the kabab stands to grab a donër — which is essentially the same as a gyro, he said. Once home, Kapbardhi recreated the donër and, thus, Dhimiters gyros was born. In addition ...

Basil Wyndthorp’s Set to Rock at Food Truck Friday

Rebecca Mennecke, photos by Adam Smith

Basil Wyndthorp’s – or the Spring Valley-based “little adventurous food truck that could” – will hit up Food Truck Friday this year with their pulled pork Mac-N-Cheese on a bun, the Cuban, and their newest ...

Opening Shot | June 12, 2019

photos by Adam Smith

RUFF SUMMER SO FAR. Volume One’s Sounds Like Summer Concert Series draws music lovers of all kinds to Phoenix Park each Thursday evening all summer. Girl Band kicked off the 2019 series on June 6. Upcoming headliners include Cait McGarvey, the John Buxton Experience, and Nick Anderson & The Skinny Lovers.

Opening Shot | March 20, 2019

photos by Adam Smith

HANDY AND SANDY. The monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery visited UW-Eau Claire from March 11-15 for an artist residency that included handcrafting an intricate sand mandala ...

The Mystical Arts of Tibet @UW-Eau Claire

photos by Adam Smith

The monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery visited UW-Eau Claire from March 11-15 (2019) for an artist residency that included creating and removing an intricate sand mandala, lectures on Tibetan culture ...

Food Truck Friday, October 2018

photos by Adam Smith

The final Food Truck Friday of the season was a rainy affair, but lots of people braved the weather to get a taste of the local food truck scene ...

4th Annual Western Wisconsin Tailgate Grillin’ Tournament

photos by Adam Smith

On Saturday, September 15 Hobbsy's hosted the 4th annual Western Wisconsin Tailgate Grillin' Tournament. 14 tailgate grilling teams competed for prizes in five different categories: stuffed burgers ...