Coffee on Draft

new N7 Café offers nitro coffee on wheels

Natalie Rosenkranz, photos by Andrea Paulseth

JAVA JOLT. Katy Stevens is the entrepreneur behind N7 Café, which offers mobile cold-brew and nitro coffee.
JAVA JOLT. Katy Stevens is the entrepreneur behind N7 Café, which offers mobile cold-brew and nitro coffee.

Attention all caffeine fiends of the Chippewa Valley: Eau Claire has another coffee outlet wheeling its way into town, and I’m not just waxing lyrical about it. That’s right: N7 Café is a mobile café that offers cold brew coffee as well as nitro coffee on draft. 

“The showcase of the mobile café is the N7 dual tap cooler unit with a keg of coffee inside,” explains Katy Stevens, the owner of N7 Café. “One tap pours standard cold brew, and the stout faucet pours the beautifully cascading nitro brew.” 

Although N7 Café is new to the Chippewa Valley, Katy’s mobile café dreams have been brewing for a while. “After trying Nitro coffee in California and another inspiring trip, I found myself wondering how I could bring this new coffee-drinking experience to Eau Claire,” she said. “After scouring the Internet, a few months planning, many phone calls, and support from family and friends, I figured out a way.” 

“So far, it has been great bringing this new coffee experience to my friends, family, and community,” Katy says. “It is enjoyable to teach people about nitro coffee and the process that is involved.” 

When it comes to the benefits of running a mobile cafe, Katy explains, it allows flexibility to be where the crowds are. N7 Café, which was one of four finalists in this year’s annual Downtown Eau Claire Jump-Start Competition, serve their coffee at many Eau Claire events including the Festival Foods farmers market, Chalkfest, Summerfest, International Fall Fest, and the Festival in the Pines.

“For larger events, we have a typical market stand setup with tables, coffee burlap decorations, chalkboard menus, a wooden spool (that I grabbed from a construction dumpster with permission) that is painted with chalkboard paint and used as a message board and serving table,” she elaborates. “We also have a couple of coolers to store extra kegs, creamers, and ice along with a hand-washing station. Customers can purchase cold brew, nitro pour, and cold brew tonics by the cup. Also available are quart and pint mason jars of cold brew coffee concentrate to take home.”

Aside from the nitro coffee that Katy serves on draft, one of the coolest aspects of N7 Café’s coffee is that everything is sourced with care; so, you’re supporting numerous local businesses when you’re drinking their coffee. As N7 Café’s website states, “All of the coffee beans are sourced from sustainable farms and grown organically.” 

So, the next time you find yourself craving a cup of Joe, look up N7 Café’s website or Facebook page and see what events they have going on. “In the future, we anticipate participating in more free tastings, larger events, and private functions,” Katy says.  “Events this year include some pop-up markets at Forage in Banbury Place and the Montessori school Mallternative.” 

Katy’s overarching goal is to offer a new coffee-drinking experience to as many people as possible. She adds, “We also look forward to testing out new recipes and educating people about coffee and cold brew.”   

If you’re interested in purchasing coffee from N7 Cafe, you can order some online at In addition, you can buy their coffee at Just Local Food and the Chippewa Candy Shop.